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    Not sure if it is a bug, but I would send the coastal helicopters out to missions, it would arrive and then leave. And the mission would never get completed. I tried assuming that the program might consider them ambulances in one way, so I had to change the dispatch center setting to uncheck "Automatically stand down EMS units when not needed." and that took care of the problem.

    I use rely on that feature to kick loose unneeded ambulances so I thought I would like to see if the Coastal Helicopters can somehow be excluded from the EMS Stand down option.



    I have 2 Helicopter Bases with 2 Helicopters in each. It worked great for a while, now that I am expanding area, I want to add a third base and transfer the helicopter to it. The program is not allowing it saying I am only allowed 4 bases. But I only have two bases ? Any Suggestions?

    I've noticed my ARR should send Patrol Cars, only and yet it is sending Wardens Trucks and Fire Investigators. I've got plenty of Patrol Cars to cover missions, but when it sends the other vehicles, I am left short handed. I've checked the ARR and Patrol Cars is the only vehicle set to respond. Is there a setting to stop anything else from responding at a police unit?

    I am trying to move my Utility Vehicle into my new Rescue Boat dock but that dock is not showing up on list of places I can transfer my vehicle to.

    I have space available at the dock, and Utility Vehicle is in the list of vehicles I can purchase for the Rescue Dock.

    If not a bug, any suggestions?


    DJ Carver1