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    Would be awesome to add to the arr an option to make it a “fill out” / fill to assignment. This way if I have a call with 1 fire engine on it and the next arr has 3 as a “fill out” it will add units to get to 3 total.

    TL;DR ARR that add units until a total number of units are assigned

    More likely is that you saw the red anti collision beacon on the bottom of the helicopter. All aircraft have them; one on top and one on the bottom

    I think a prevention or investigation unit will work, but don't quote me. Because Investigation unit requires LEO training and acts also as a patrol car but prevention just fulfills the fire investigation/prevention requirement.
    I think. This has been a very often brought up topic recently; maybe it will see clarification or rework in a coming update.

    This is a pretty neat and smooth-looking setup. Could you possibly explain what is contained (equipment-wise) in each of this groups? Thanks

    Not so sure how LAFD does all their call setups but lightforce is engine + ladder and a bc if needed, a task force is engine, ladder and the ladders dedicated "pump" engine. A wildland strike team usually consists of 5 type 3 engines and a officer who is the strike team leader; a wildland task force is five mixed type units and a task force leader.

    The problem as has been discussed many times is the game needs to differentiate between heavy rescue and light rescue.

    This would also be a great addition because, in my town we have a heavy rescue with ropes, extrication, more advanced medicine, bracing, etc. but the department north of us has a dedicated ford chassis light duty rescue for angle, animal, collapse, etc rescues.

    I have been playing for a few months now and I have some suggestions. First off I think that the smoke investigation call should not require a platform ladder but rather 1 or 2 engines and possibly a BC. Second I think that the heavy rescue unit is overused and should not be required on most missions. I think it should receive its own, more specialized calls such as high angle rescue, tech rescue, collapse rescue and major extrication assignments. Also, consider changing the electrical cupboard and storage cupboard fires to always require 1 engine or 2 engines instead of being random. Thanks!

    Maybe beating a dead horse by replying to this thread but I am building out in CalFire's Sonoma Lake Napa Unit area and would love to have standalone stations for forestry so that I don't have to spend 150k and wait a week to be able to get a station up and running!