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    Think the problem sometimes is that you can't be sure that someone is botting.

    We were banned for botting because we are earning a lot day by day.

    But that is with honest playing and using the approved scripts in the best way posible. (lssm4 and JRH Bundle)

    But if someone is earning every hour almost the some amount day in day out, hour by hour. Then botting will be the case.

    What's a JRH Bundle?

    The above is already on the list. It just wasn’t included in the SAR update due to the size of the update already. Fire will receive its own technical rescue update in the future

    Would it be greedy to ask that a 'Heavy Rescue' unit cover hazmat, water rescue & tech rescue?

    Some hospitals may be able to deal with trauma but MTCs have their own classification.

    There remains a lot of confusion (even in the trade!) around the difference between trauma the disease, major trauma however you choose to define it, Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery, Trauma Surgery and Trauma when it's a ward.

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone else utilises their hospitals as if it was IRL. For instance sending chest pains to hospitals with PPCI capabilities or the stabbing / penetrating trauma to a MTC?

    Would like to but it's quite difficult, the specialities don't really correlate with the UK set-up.

    Remember that most 'Chest Pain' doesn't need cardiology, let alone PPCI, and no neurosurgeon is every going to see someone with a TIA.

    I ran into problems in London where there are relatively few 'Rescue' units per pumps. But, it really varies with what the fire service call their appliances - I can't for one second believe that, for example, a "Rescue Pump" at a retained station in deepest Essex, contains similar kit to a wholetime "Water Ladder" in Hertfordshire and a "Dual Pump Ladder" in London.

    I've fudged it by using Rescue Pumps at Wholetime stations and Water Ladders for retained.

    FWIW, I also used Hazmat units to represent the FRUs in London because, prior to the OSU unit, there'd have been essentially *no* Hazmat capability.

    I think some of them dont sit right as 'realistic' missions as they're in the wrong category. The idea that a carriageway will flood in 2 hours time or that a lithium battery will catch fire in 3 hours is silly. Equally, from the other side, statement gathering, high-risk door kicking or collecting someone who's failed to answer bail aren't necessarilly emergencies and would fit nicely into scheduled missions.

    The required resources could be better too. Concerts have already been mentioned, traffic cars could be utilised for road closures, PSUs would be used for high-risk events and planned public order, officers could be used more (a large concert won't have two pumps but might well have a fire officer), etc. I know they're outdated but the matrixes in the green & purple guides would give you some ideas.

    I think they are an important aspect of the game and could be tweaked to represent that a huge proportion of police & fire work is appointment based.

    Some suggestions;

    • They all come from your own clinics, so could they come from "St Bartholomew's Hospital" rather than from "3-7 Giltspur St, City of London"?
    • In realty there would be some choice, or system, about where they go, could you select a destination as you do with normal ambulance transports?
    • Could they need a specific service, i.e. "Traumatology" or "Cardiac Surgery"?
    • Some of them might need Critical Care?

    I like but it is out of date to varying degrees in a lot of places, but it will give you a realistic fleet.

    Ambulance fleets are a lot harder as the number of resources deployed from any given station generally varies day-to-day (i.e. more trucks will be on the road on a Monday afternoon than a Thursday morning) and very much by staffing. In some Trusts, ambulances move around; a specific truck might be based in Norwich, go off for a service and be sent back on the run at, say, Bury St Edmunds the next week.

    WhatDoTheyKnow is your friend, but, having tried to do this over the last two years in MC, you won't find a published fleet list that is consistent between the different services.

    I disagree with the idea that this is a duplicate. Multiple seizures (occurring to the same patient) is a different call to a single prolonged seizure or a single regular seizure. The calls are very likely based on realism and I’d definitely not want to miss out on missions because they sound similar and one or two players don’t like that they look similar.

    They'd both code as 18D2.

    FWIW, the treatment algorithm (both pre- & in-hospital) is the same.

    As a C/A for another platform i will just put my 2 cents in. Its really hard sometimes to come up with ideas every week ( and if we dont the devs do it for us) and not every mission can be some epic resources sucker either. Its not an easy job, most of us wear other hats too and have jobs and lives outside the game to boot.

    I know you have heard it all before but believe it or not there's at least one platform that doesn't get any love in any capacity at all and wont be until the membership bases increases significantly.

    There are about a dozen single casualty medical jobs in the mission suggestion thread, none of which are a simple repetition of last month's new mission