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    Name/Type of Mission: Staff Assaulted
    Units Required:

    4 Patrol Cars

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Subway station, train station(s).

    Patients: 2 (max)

    Prisoners: 0 - 2

    Credit Reward: 900

    Name/Type of Mission: Patient Transfer from flight

    Units Required: 1xAmbulance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Small Airport (Runway) & Large Airport (Runway)

    Patients:1 - 90% Chance of needing transport to hospital


    Credit Reward:250

    • Name/Type of Mission: Automatic Fire Alarm
    • Units Required: 1 fire engine
    • POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none
    • Patients:0
    • Prisoners:0
    • Credit Reward:500
    • 20% - 40% chance it can develop into larger calls such as residential, room, roof, kitchen fires.

    Yea, I really dislike that feature. I mean, it makes sense in the terms of optimization? Or at least that’s the only thing that comes to find for that.

    You may dislike the feature, and everyone finds it annoying, but it's something that has to happen unfortunatly.

    Imagine, the game trying to load in a few hundred units all on the same page at the same time with dispatch times etc. - it wouldn't be able to do it!

    (At least I now know that it's not just me that has this happen to them - I thought it was something to do with my internet speed at first!) :D

    Ahh, I think I know what you mean, (think I have been missing the point here :P )

    Also, refreshing the page works too for me when this happens.

    I would assume this issue is caused by the game simple not loading the mission in?

    Yeah I really don't care, I think the game should be fair for everyone, dispatchers in fact would have a huge impact on that, but not up to me to decide, just though it would be a good suggestion :)

    From what I gather, would you be suggesting a semi-automated style, where units get automatically assigned to calls?

    Edit - never played it, but would that be a bit like 911 Simulator? Seen videos and heard a little about it.

    Negative, happens with both -if happens, but sometimes yes-no-half ....

    From a very, very long time ago when I used graphic packs, I'm sure it was only possible to see people's unit graphics if they also use a graphic pack (it didn't have to be the same one as you were using)
    Now that I use individual graphics, I can now see other peoples individual graphics as they set them. (And other people can see mine)

    I have done a little test below, using a fake account (don't worry, I deleted it straight after!)

    First Image - custom graphic that I have assigned,
    Second image - logged into another account and using a graphic pack, what it automatically assigns my unit.

    In the AAR's, would armed traffic cars fall under ARV's, Traffic units, or both? (I'm assuming it's both! :D )

    Also, this got me thinking - is this possibly the first triple unit we have in the game, as this functions as an IRV, ARV and traffic car?

    My units are routing across rivers, bays, and inlets instead of going around them. As convenient as it might be to drive on water, we're not there yet irl and I feel like I'd need to be at least a Deputy Chief to unlock the driving on water feature.

    If your units are driving on water, something is probably being detected as a road. Im no developer but i dont think thats really something that can be fixed. Because if a mission spawns far enough off a road, your units wont even try to find a proper route

    No, it's not something that can be fixed. If this happens, one of a couple of things could cause this:

    - If you have dispatched a lot of units at once, some it may just route in a straight line rather than use the roads around the bay, or lake etc., as there is a lot of information for the game to process for each unit - this can also happen with units travelling in a straight line on land too.

    - If it is a particularly long way around the water by road, it will also just route straight across because it would take the game a lot longer to figure out the best way by road around it.

    - Or, there are ferry lines that the game has picked up and the game is routing the unit on these instead of roads (it's just how OSM works - it can't distinguish between roads/ferry lines etc.!).

    For some odd reason when I select a IRV though, it won't send a traffic car.

    Thats the same with the ARV's and DSU's. You could use custom categories to change this though

    I do assure you that on the London Ambulance Service website there isn't a F3 as all stations are updated reguarly on the website. Unless you can show me the its F3 It won't be on the sheet unforunately because the Royal London Doesn't have a ambulance station they just have Cars for LAA

    You're grumpy aren't you?! All I was doing was answering your question what does RLH stand for!

    Wont bother trying to be any assistance next time ffs!!