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    So i've been working the last couple of days on putting together a Mission Graphic pack that would Give little more description as well as a fire type so this is what i have come up with so far.

    [Blocked Image:…al/C1_SZ-G.png?1490160354]Code 1: Medical Call
    [Blocked Image:…2_GRSE_-_G.png?1490158068]Code 2: Single Engine Response
    [Blocked Image:…/Pile_Up_G.png?1490245961]Code 3: MVA
    [Blocked Image:…inal/RES_1.png?1490422850]Code 4: Structure Response
    [Blocked Image:…l/ALRM_-_G.png?1490417907]Code 5: Fire Alarm
    [Blocked Image:…/spill_-_g.png?1490474250]Code 6: HazMat Call
    Code 7: Water Rescue
    [Blocked Image:…E_SMKE_-_g.png?1490475057]Code 8: Air Traffic
    [Blocked Image:…l/BLDG_-_G.png?1490458074]Code 9: Extraction Response
    [Blocked Image:…l/BRSH_-_G.png?1490475178]Code 10: Brush Fire
    [Blocked Image:…/TRNCH_-_G.png?1490458096]Code 11: Technical Rescue

    Im wanting to hear thoughts of others but even more so on the police side of things. I started to utilize APCO 10Code for those missions as well but i start to get lost for what to use on Warent type calls..

    The Mission Graphics pack is called Dispatch Codes

    Please let me know what you think.

    So I've done some editing in openstreetmap and have added a couple of service roads already to my airport but I don't want to get to crazy since the map is clearly used by others as well as within one of my cities near by they even have all fire hydrants listed on the map. Now taxiways are a path and can be created just like a road would be so I would think that vehicles should be able to use them but would take some codeing..

    Had my First Break Overheating call and as others mentioned it did spawn on the closer service road. Only thing that i would love to possible see is if vehicles could be able to travel via Taxi Ways and not have to drive all the way around the airport.

    Trying to replicate Washington County Dispatch just outside of Portland Oregon. Due to coverage area that Metro West Covers i started to utilize some hospitals as EMS Stations so Ambulances would be closer to there starting patrol points.

    Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue: 22 Fire Stations and 1 EMS Station (3 more fire stations to go)
    Hillsboro Fire: 2 Fire stations (3 more to go)
    Metro West Ambulance Service: 1 Station
    Legacy Meridian Park Hospital w/ EMS Station
    Providence St. Vincents Hospital w/ EMS Station
    Providence Newberg Hospital
    Kaiser West Side Medical Center
    Life Flight Network Aurora Airport

    Cities of Tualatin, Tigard, Sherwood, Beaverton, Newberg Police Stations
    Washington County Sheriff's Office in Beaverton
    Clackamas County Sheriff's Office in Wilsonville
    Clackamas County Sheriff's Air Unit

    Northwestern USA Fire Service is still looking for any active players in the Pacific Northwest!! We were able to welcome Smart36 and Medic34 this week to our alliance. With Smart36 adding to the group we branched up north to the Vancouver British Columbia area and any player in the Northwest even in Canada should feel free to check us out.

    I can't say that there isn't anything wrong with some of these bigger alliances but i will say that with a more regional alliance you will be able to participate in more of the weekly and daily alliance missions and events simply because more of those events and missions will be within reach of your stations. Further more if you are in need of help there is a better chance that one of our members will be able to send aid without having to use a staging point just to dispatch there units to you.

    Like just about any alliance we have members who are able to setup a HazMat, Mobile Command and Swat training courses so you can get those personnel trained without having to spend the $$$ in the game and focus your hard earned credits to more stations. We have very knowledgeable members in the groups so we are able to work with any newer players that are out there.

    If you have any questions feel free to send one to me on the forms or even thru the game and i would be glad to help you in anyway that i can.

    In the game click on the alliance drop down and go to alliance list. Search for "Northwestern" click on the link on the name and then on the bottom of that screen that pulls up you have the option to join the alliance. I believe it's on the right of the page.

    Not necessarily Canadian but Northwestern Fire Services would be more then willing to welcome anyone in the British Columbia Area. There are two of us that are on the more active side (Portland OR & Kasipell MT) so at least weekly storms and other missions are easier to help out with being all local PACNW.

    Any questions please let me know.


    My current setup that i have is a mixture of realistic and not. Do to game play i replaced my stations that had two Water Tenders with a Water Tender and Air Units and do have some extra units added into some stations were room is allowed (ie 4 bay stations have 4 vehicles instead of the 3 that my online list say's that the station has). Also i am using my MCV as a Batallion Commander and using my BC Cars in game as more of a Station Lieutenant/Capatin.