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    We are hosting an Events weekend where everyone is welcome!

    - Whether your a new player to an old timer, come and join us for a weekend of non stop missions and earnings!

    - Ever wondered what another alliance is like or is it time for change, come and see us on our events weekend!

    - Do you play on another sever and want to kick start your UK account, this could be the weekend for you!


    Just curious if any US alliances have a big member core in NYC, its where i've started off and it's hard to narrow down alliances that are based there with members.

    Feel free to drop your alliance links to make life a little easier!


    The ability to search ‘shared missions’ by player name.

    This could be useful for smaller members who know that ‘Dave’ shares high value missions and if part of a large alliance and do not use LSSM saves them time and therefore as they’re earning more probably retains some of the smaller player base!