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    I know the original question was asked a while ago, but check this map out if you still need info. It should have the station location you need. I haven’t really had to use it though, a bit of searching on Google is usually all it takes. When it comes the vehicle assignments and locations though, you’re out of luck on that. Sometimes you may be able to get an idea of the types that may be assigned based on the station name or description, other than that you just kind of give it your best guess.…ad0864f4997d91c9425187077

    I have run into this a couple times recently. Calls are showing that transport(s) are needed, but there’s no transport waiting, and there’s no way to complete or clear the transport. This time was slightly different, as the call also required 4 FBI units, and although more than 30 were on scene, it still showed 2 FBI needed. Clearing the required unit type and sending them back with the hoped of resetting the mission count didn’t help. The transports never seem to materialize, but there are patients showing as being perpetually treated by two different types of mass casualty units. ALS units with, and without EMS Chief have been sent with the hope that maybe fresh units, or auto transport might trigger something in the game and restore functuonality, but no lock. Also, both of the mass casualty units are showing as treating the same person, so I’m not sure if that plays a role and possibly confuses things and locking up. Info attached.

    I probably won't do a good job explaining this, but you can add some frames in between the red/blue flashes where only the headlights are active. You could also try including frames where the main lights change, but the headlights stay on. For example, if you have two frames with red lights and headlights, leave the headlights on for the third when you swap to blue, etc. Just find a pattern and repeat. There’s a good bit of trial and error trying to figure those out, especially if you want them to flash a certain way. Although not exactly what you’re trying to do, here’s an example where the wig-wags flash at a different rate than the main lights, and the frame order to create it.


    The coastal helicopter requirements for missions that have patient transports needs to function in some type of way that’s similar to how ambulance requirements work on regular calls. If there’s a patient transport requirement, require them for that purpose, but allow them to transport without preventing the call from clearing. The requirement of X number of coastal helicopters being on scene (w patient) until the call is completed doesn’t really make sense since it delays the patient getting to a facility. The calls with higher patient counts could also keep every unit on scene tied up for an even longer period of time if the helos have to make another transport once they offload the initial patient. Plus it kind of makes the auto transport useless when they have to stay until the timer runs out on the mission.

    You should only have to build the mass casualty expansion on any ambulance station. After that you just buy the trailer type you want, the correct vehicle to tow it, and assign the trained personnel if needed. You have to buy the crew cab semi as a separate unit if you want the large trailer.