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    With the recent expansions of SAR and Airports I've noticed alot of stations are very similar, and although part of the game it can get rather tedious to do the same action 4 or 5 times.

    Suggesting the ability to copy and paste stations so it takes the station size and units in it and gives you the ability to place it elsewhere, obviously for the correct amount of money.

    Would be happy to see this added as a premium feature if needs be.

    Basically as title says. Can we get the Public Order vehicles and trained personnel added to the Large-scale Alliance Mission creation tab. Only mounted units are currently included but it would be nice to have level 1 & 2, police medics and transport vehicles also included.


    Whats the difference between the CRV and the other 2 rescue units?

    Or this intended to be the older -not specialized- cars?

    The trailers: graphics wise, will the car 'drags' the trailer image behind them,

    or it'll work like the PODs: you have to make a diffo graphic for the with-trailer version?

    Currently seems to be that both units, the 4x4 and trailer in the case of fire, show at the same time like it's being dragged.