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    Name/Type of Mission: Traffic Stop/Felony Traffic Stop

    Units Required: 1 Patrol/3 Patrol

    POI Required (Use "none" if not needed): None

    Patients: 0 - 3

    Prisoners: 0 -3

    Credit Reward: 200/1000

    Expandable to felony traffic stop, pursuit, officer down, shooting

    Since the dispatch centers already have a feature to enable their own coverage area to spawn missions in relation to the station count of that area, I feel it would be beneficial to be able to turn the mission generation on or off for the respective dispatch center. Sometimes players like to focus their attention on a specific area and play in real time. Some of the medium-larger accounts will branch out to other areas and the addition of the "own coverage" area has helped increase this type of gameplay. This kind of change would add an optional feature that could be benefitted by many who wish to add stations in other areas, but may not want to focus on missions being generated in those areas.

    If you support this idea, I encourage you to reply that you are in favor of it. Sometimes changes don't need to be major ones, but some of the little ones can make a major impact.

    Thanks for reading!

    With having a large enough account to be within the top 15, I wouldn't even consider building this. My full sized stations cost me 1.8m, 2m after the EMS expansion and some vehicles. Why would I want to pay millions more just to be able to stick police units in it? Lets get back down to reality here when it comes to pricing stuff out and think about what the majority of players could pay.

    One thing that I have noticed that constantly happens, is that someone will request training and by the time they get back online, the class is full. This has been across multiple alliances.

    Is there any way to create a function to “reserve” seats for a specific player to ensure they are able to get the slots they requested? Any large alliance could be near impossible for someone to train people if they aren’t on when the class is posted.

    It’s kinda bad when I can treat two patients and transport one of them and get more then what the major earthquake pays out. It’s extremely unbalanced for the units required compared to all the other missions of similar requirements.

    Leave the default value, allow you to increase it. Would that still negatively affect the anti-cheat? They need to do something to spice the game up and keep people interested. The missions that have been released lately sure aren’t doing the job.

    Would it be feasible to create custom settings within a station, three basic functions to start.

    First is selecting what type of area that station is in, rural, urban, suburban and give you an option to select more then one if it’s in a very diverse coverage area. In coordination with that is to sort the missions by type to filter what calls will spawn at that station. Middle of the Bronx you aren’t getting tractor and harvester fires.

    Second is probability that the station will get a call compared to others. Urban stations will see a higher volume then a rural one. That could be factored into the previous part. It would be like a weighted average.

    Lastly, an ability to adjust the distance the spawn radius is set to. If you have rural stations that are more spread out, under the default spawn distance, you could have holes in your area that would never see a call outside of a POI set.

    Let’s increase the experience with the ability to customize based on the diversity of players and areas they cover.

    Since we added the urgent care center, allowing basic patient treatment and a place for EMS vehicles to be housed, can we expand that into hospitals for systems that use hospital based EMS? Would be like adding an EMS extension to a fire house upgraded vehicle spots.

    With the addition of the EMS Rescue, it would be a good idea to carry that over with an EMS Battalion, as well as one for the boat stations. The aircraft hijack call requires a Battalion as well, so I’d even make the argument to include it on the PD as well.

    I’m doing FDNY and with the marine response, the marine battalion responds and is stationed where the boat docks are, along with utility units and trailers (already available for that station type). That is just one example, I’m sure many other departments with a marine unit do a similar thing.

    EMS would act as a supervisor, having the ability to treat like a fly car, as ALS, as well as battalion duties.

    Same for PD, where the Battalion would be like the shift supervisor/Sargent.

    I didn’t see a post about this, my apologies if there was one already.

    Thank you for the consideration.

    Crap...probably should have posted in suggestions for improvements

    With the new update on the iOS app, when I click a call to dispatch units, the pop up for dispatching doesn’t scroll, it scrolls the page under it, which is the map. Same when I turn my phone. I just updated all my apps, so I apologize if this is a know issue that I’m late to the party for

    No, the three that I got earlier all required a helicopter. Only lists 9 police stations and nothing for helicopter stations in the mission details.

    The new home invasion call has been popping up for me and requiring a police helicopter, however I do not have a police helipad built at all.

    Piggy backing on this, I’ve added an expansion to some stations that I want to be able to transfer an engine to for a cover assignment. The issue that comes up is the unit is unavailable while transferrring. I can see where staffing is an issue, where the people assigned to that unit do no transfer to the new station.

    But like first mentioned, a temporary relocate with an automatic canceling would be awesome. Not sure how that could be done.