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    Not sure if this is the most recent thread or whatever, but want to bump what gorilla has said and add my own comments. The education side of the game is a nightmare for alliances wanting to provide a regular large schedule of all the courses needed for the game. It takes a solid uninterrupted 15 minutes every morning and evening (30 mins total) on a PC with a quick connection to set off our schedule for example.

    It is also really time-consuming, tedious and frustrating when you are a player with a larger set up and have thousands of staff needing trained. I'm not saying it should be 1 click, "train all in X" but having to open 4 rooms in your school, scroll down to the station, find the right staff, manually select 40 of them, go to the next school, and repeat that process 50+ times is just demoralising and off-putting, and it takes even longer if you are using alliance courses as you're only doing 10 at a time. I enjoy spending hours on MC doing various things, but taking a couple of hours just to send some staff on courses... that's too much for me.

    Even small improvements that saved a little time would be welcome. Wouldn't mind if they were a premium feature.

    Starting the 12th of September, UKER will be hosting 7 days of storms. Every day there will be 3 or 4 storms, ranging from Glasgow to London and everywhere in between. This is in addition to all the usual shared jobs and LSMs.

    As always, there will be the free daily alliance courses, which are currently enough to train nearly 5,000 personnel a day across the 3 services. Plus we have plenty of reserve schools to run education on demand… for free!

    Oh, and we have thousands of alliance hospital beds and prison cells available across the country.

    So what are you waiting for? Come join the party at MC’s number 1 alliance!

    I’m happy to delete my post if I know it’s been acknowledged and it’s on the to do list. Don’t want to clutter up the forum if it makes someone’s life more difficult.

    Can we please ensure we're checking the forum before posting?

    Police AARR's (especially the IRV request) have been raised multiple times, twice by the same person.

    By checking this we can help keep the forum tidy.

    Sorry, but in addition to barely using it, I really don’t have the time or patience anymore to check the forum. I was driven here because it was the final straw to a very long and tedious 2 months trying to sort out my setup. If it’s been brought up that much then maybe something should be done about it? Seems like a pretty straight forward fix, no?

    Glad it’s not just me. I think there are some work arounds but they are a massive pain, and playing the game just shouldn’t be this hard.

    Can we please get “IRV” as an option in AARR. The option “police car” pulls through MRAVs and PSUs and it means my AARR set up wont work due to where the newly trained personnel are :(

    I have hopefully a relatively simple request. Can we have IRV added as an option on AARR?

    I have put all my sergeants in my IRVs, and unfortunately, MRAVs and PSUs are included in the selection “police car” meaning my AARR will likely not work when I need to send a certain number of sergeants/IRVs to a mission that asks for them. Also, MRAVs are not recognised as ARVs but are as IRVs? That doesn’t make sense to me.