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    So I decided to start building up in Toronto Canada, I have the station locations for Toronto EMS but I was wondering if there was a resource I could use to know what units are at each station and their unit numbers? I am trying to play as realistic as possible so any help would be appreciated

    Anyone else confused about the latest police update announcement they put out on the Facebook? They mention getting guard dogs but leave out in what context. I don't know of any police department that has "guard dogs" I know of security companies that do though. Then they mention new federal police, when we already have FBI ATF and DEA. What agencies are we missing federal wise that we don't have in game. This announcement confuses me more than it excites me. Only thing in the announcement I am excited about is the Criminal Investigations stuff. What is everyone else's thoughts on this announcement?

    After months of playing I just noticed this, but the average payout for the cardiac arrest call is 10 credits. I get that we do make money from the transport to the hospital but it is just such a low payout. I was curious if it might be a typo and missing a 0?

    I see what you are saying with these and I agree a lot of stuff should be base game across all servers yet keeps getting limited to one server then the others have to make hard pushes just to get it

    This feature is being depreciated and wont be used anymore - It was asked about the other month for one of the vehicles from the wildland extention and the devs told EMS-Chief it wasn't possible, when asked further, it was said to be being depreciated.

    RE: new wildland command extension

    I forgot about that, but again if you think about it without that option it is making some of these vehicles feel like they aren't needed in game or useless to those who have them. In my opinion the dozer working as a time speeder is a waste because there is a lot of missions it could be used for

    The dozer is an optional vehicle that helps speed up the mission.

    Not everyone uses the dozer (as it is specialised to only some areas). The only way to make missions requiring the dozer, would be to put the dozer under an expansion wall or else it would impact all the players who don't use the dozer.

    Couldn't the coding from the AU server for the Mounted police be put into effect here? On AU the Mounted police are only added to missions if the player has them available. Is there a possible way to put that into effect here on the US server?

    I know currently the police mounted unit has a trailer used to represent it vehicle wise, I have noticed in a lot more of the metropolitan areas it is actually a horse transport truck. Could there possibly be two options for when it comes to the mounted unit? Both the truck and the trailer so depending on the persons play style they have the choice. I also think it would be more beneficial in not tying up a traction vehicle to tow the trailer.

    We are always looking for suggestions to implement.

    Could I suggest implementing this with both the van and the bus? Van could have a max of 8 crew and then the bus with a larger max size? I am not sure on how many passenger a Australian bus would be cause I know a US bus passenger count would probably be too high

    I know there is a lot in progress on the AU server, I am working on the Warringah-Pittwater Headquarters doing my rural stations and 2 of the vehicles I will need are a crew van and bus. I was wondering when they would possibly be added into the game?

    Perhaps this could be something written into the Sheriff Unit. I will make some inquiries.

    I'll also look to ensure that it is an optional feature in my inquiries, so those with objections would not be required to have auto-transporting turned on (like EMS Chief is now).

    I thought of something recently in thoughts of the Sheriffs unit, as we have the Sheriff training why not rename it to Sheriffs Deputy training and get an additional training or vehicle for an actual Sheriff with the ability to auto transport prisoners? Because in retrospect not all the Sheriffs units are the actual Sheriff they are the Deputies there is only one actual Sheriff if you think about it

    If you read the extensions closely I think they have them set up like the mass casualty extensions at ambulance stations where only certain vehicles can be stationed in certain slots. With the mass casualty extension it gives you 2 slots when you buy it but you can only park the MCI trailers in them. I could be wrong but that is just how I understood it by reading them