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    If a moderator can close this that would be great I actually know the person who does mapping of my area on Openstreetmaps and contacted him of the error so this issue/question is fixed/answered

    What is used to gather the data for the in game map? The map of my area over night changed in game and now areas that were completely state parks/forests are no longer showing as such on the map. I was wondering if there was a site used to gather the data for maps that I could look and see if someone changed it wrong on the mapping site.

    Over the past few days, I've received numerous messages of support and thanks from many members of the MCAU community, and all of has really touched me. I never thought that I made such an impact to all of you.

    I could never of imagined the outpouring of support that I would of received and I thank you all.

    On that, I have decided to reconsider my stepping away from AU content team and will be resuming my activities.

    I play on both the US and AU servers and I have enjoyed the contributions you have made on both servers, you do amazing work. You are also very helpful here on the forum and are amazing at getting stuff escalated that needs fixed. I am glad you decided to stay can't wait to see what amazing contributions you come up with next

    I know it has been brought up before but with more wildland firefighting being added could we possibly revist the idea of adding a UTV/ATV trailer to the wildland vehicles I know a lot of departments have a UTV/ATV they tow with there brush truck to help fight wildland fires

    Since the other part has been answered I can try helping with the IOS part, for the web version did you login with the IOS option or are you signing in with a regular user/password? Cause both should work but I had issues with this in the past

    I know this is on the UK forum and I play mostly on the US and AU servers but this can pertain to us all. I agree there needs to be shorter wait times or a start when requirements are fulfilled feature to speed them up some. Along with balancing the requirements for them I know as mentioned Concert has some issues but also Baseball/Soccer game one could use a unit balancing

    I have turned by events off and still get Xmas Burning wreaths and burning Xmas Trees , so not sure about the fix they have done.

    I am going to try turning my event missions off and see if it will stop the World Cup missions, but curious Nigefire how often do you get Christmas missions with our event missions turned off?

    The rate for these Advent Calendar missions is incredibly low. Last year, I never had a problems completing the Advent calendar missions. Now, I played for 8 hours on Friday and only got 3 missions, so I didn't get to complete that Advent Calendar event. I've been playing for over 12 hours today and have only had 5, so it looks like I'm not going to complete the "Finish 8 Christmas missions" today. It is very clear to me that the slow rate of Advent Calendar missions was purposefully done so that the only way to complete the Finish 30 Advent Calendar tasks is to purchase coins.

    I agree it does seem kind of deliberate this year pushing the sale of coins to complete the Advent Calendar this year. I am in the same boat I am not going to finish the 8 Christmas missions today. In a full 15hrs of playing today I have only got 4 of them. Something is not right in the spawning of the missions especially since we are still getting dozens of World Cup related ones a day,

    I have been getting very few Christmas themed missions yet I am still getting a ton of World cup related missions which makes completing the event tasks very hard. I have already missed one Advent Calendar mission due to no Christmas themed missions spawning all day long. In my opinion it just seems very difficult to get the proper event missions when the World Cup event tasks have already finished.

    I think they mean train/railroad related poi's cause in the US when we hear "Train Fire with flammable products" we think of an actual train not a tractor trailer road train

    I have had this happen before and support took 72hrs to help me resolve it after having patients stuck for weeks and not using the hospitals during the time. They need the exact info you posted here and they will resolve it in 72hrs once a support ticket is placed

    Requires federal units yet is spawning off of normal police stations outside the range of federal stations. I am posting on behalf of an alliance member who has one federal station, and has his area split between two areas. He just had this mission spawn in the area furthest away from his federal station

    I just had an issue with patient handoff went to dispatch my small boat to another call yet it said it was not available, went and checked on it in station and it said it was at a patient handoff. Yet I didn't have a patient handoff call on my list or on the map.