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    What is used to gather the data for the in game map? The map of my area over night changed in game and now areas that were completely state parks/forests are no longer showing as such on the map. I was wondering if there was a site used to gather the data for maps that I could look and see if someone changed it wrong on the mapping site.


    I can look into this and hopefully give you an answer by Tomorrow but to my knowledge Hotshot Crews will only work in regular ground Firefighting Units. Engines, Ladders, Rescues, Commands, Wildland Units, Crew Carriers Etc.

    in RL Hot Shots are more of the elite group of the smoke jumpers and are inserted into remote areas for extended amounts of time via aircraft, Jumpers normally working average of 48 hours then take a break for 1-3 days depending on their policies. they all are part of the USFS, NPS, BIA and BLM.

    Well it’s an expanded mission in the fact that you get 10 extra credits for the little wildfire (1010) opposed to the little field fire (1000)

    But I agree it technically is a downgraded mission as in real life as the second engine can and would be stood down. The little wildfire is a single engine required while the little field fire is 2 engines required

    yes that's what I was referring to was the stand down of other resources not the payout

    wouldn't it be nice if all types of Engines and Platforms could treat BLS types of calls w/o having to send an Ambulance to every medical call? having the engine's platforms treating minor stuff then request an Ambulance if needed for transporting. I have a friend in Washington state and he says most of their minor medical calls an Engine or truck gets dispatched and if it requires more of an ALS request then a medic response.

    correct, but some of the other nonsense jumbled in the middle makes no sense

    what he or she had stated made sense to me, when members are offline for days and there is a need for transporting patients, and they do not transport the mission times out and everyone who had responded loses out of the credits. Her or his EMS unit is not able to force the transport others ambulances...

    it was a process when I did mine, I went through and added them to every school in Los Angeles city every hospital all sporting center's, nearly every shopping center and strip malls, Theaters, I'm not even halfway done but everyone in my alliance I am in loves it I share almost all my calls and they are large ones due to the POI's. I've had some that payout 15k-25k in credits each.

    I believe AMR has around 5 response bases in SC, to be honest I'm not sure if there are other ambulance services there with McCormick or CARE, I was told by a friend who is a dispatcher for LA County Fire on Blue-1, he said their AMR contract has ended and the primary EMS transports are CARE and McCormick (this was back in spring2022). Thats what he had told me but it's just a game I still use AMR in game along with other EMS bases. a lot changes monthly and would be ridiculous to keep updating all your building status as departments in California do change out where rigs are based at as seasonal. I'm retired now so I'm a bit out of the loop on day to day operations.

    Hi, I don't know of any non LAFD ambulance stations, anyone know of any private ambulance stations? Wouldn't it be a bit expensive if you were to build an ambulance station for 100k and there is only one car there?

    LAF does the majority of their own transport's unless there is not a closer RA available then a private Ambulance provider is called in

    CARE, Mayfair, Shaefer, McCormick, Elite {the worse}, Liberty, Royality, Med-Trans, AMR does not have a contract with county fire it has ended. L.A. County does have their own ambulance service that's provided by Department of Health Services, they are not affiliated with LA County Fire Department