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    Small (but hopeful) ask -- with all of these Large Grow missions with 5, up to 9ish prisoners at quite the distance away, any option to have an EMS Chief PD equivalent for auto-prisoner transport?

    Is there a limit as to how many units can be dispatched at one time?

    Seems to vary quite a bit - if I'm dispatching 300+ units at one time, it also tends to depend on distance traveled....

    So I moved 50+ patrols to a staging area for an event - it has since completed and my units are still status 2 at staging area...but the staging area has disappeared from the map and isn't available from the staging units list in the alliance tab. I've logged out, rebooted, tried on another browser and even another system. Can't find the staging area to release my units.

    Spent the coins and trained up 4 FF to staff 2 ARFF trucks, set my POI's, and have yet to receive any calls.

    Are these calls live yet?

    Trying to send units 400km+ away to a staging area -- can not select any units - all units are currently available, but none can be selected.