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    I want to make my game semi-realistic. So I wanted to have fictional stations, But I wanted to put some delayed response times for my engines. So what should I do(I already do the priority/non priority thing). What should I put for my FD vehicles as response delay

    I wouldn't put any for patrolling vehicles because...they are on patrol. but for FD vehicles(later maybe I'll ask for PD and EMS too) what should the response time be?

    Hello There.
    I am EmergencyDisp123 (Ig you know that's short).
    I recently joined the World Dispatch Services Alliance.

    I would have asked this right on the alliance board itself but my game is not running whatsoever.
    The number of alliance missions have increased by 9 TIMES in a DAY OR TWO. My PC can't handle this and now I cannot even visit the page to ultra ultimate 1 FPS lag. I have disables alliance missions on the map settings as well as turned the distance of alliance missions from dispatch center down to zero. but still the lag persists and I cannot play the game. I cannot type, dispatch etc. Please help