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    real life is especially in my city is they used the same plan for to build the last 8 new stations.. price didnt change at all!! they plan to keep the same design for 8 more new stations in the works. does costs go up.. for 2 things.. inflation and building materials but it doesnt go up 200%..but going from 250k for a station then 500k for the next in this game is totally unrealistic

    imo the game is progressing well.. yeah always room for improvement but its not like it can happen overnight. would i like to see newer and different missions being approved. yes, but they will come and im sure the developers have thousands of them to go through and it just takes time. in due time they will fix things make things better.

    ive had a clinic in my game for months now its like GONE!!! logged out logged back in still missing who do i inform to put it back along with the 6 personnel and 2 ambos

    ive gone through the list on the main ste about the missions this game has. in almost a year of playing it seems like everyone here we get same missions over and over and imo they are getting monotonous. ive never had one factory fire minor ever, fire on farm, medical emergeny on crane, infectious outbreak, hotel fire, supermarket fire, unsafe cladding, landfill fire, firebreak clearing, lightning stike in forest, scuba ambo missions, earthquake missions, cabin fire, campsite fire, forest fire missions, fire watch, burning bus terminal, person stuck on playground equipment, burning frieght car.. just to name some the game has posted for mission.. why am i not getting some of these or is it random picking by the AI in the game?

    ol i have another question as to the game.. why is it a quint cant be used for a crushed person incident and i still have to send a heavy rescue/rescue engine same goes for broken glass incedent.. a quint is a multirole truck so it should still suffice as a rescue engine also.

    i know in my area most stations have a quint or an engine and an ambo thats it.. only a few have 3 or more trucks and we have 74 stations. lucky to have quite a few clinics that have their own transports but id love to be able to build a huge ambo complex like Rural Metro or Century where they have like 20 to 30 ambos in one location

    so if i send an EMS Fire Engine/Ambulance to a scene does it count as both an ambo and a fire eng? cause ive done it and still had to send a fire truck. also why is it ive sent a quint to a tree on the road and still had to send a rescue engine.

    yeah thats the problem with many alliances.. inconsistent players which i totally get when people work and get busy they cant play as often. seems way to many using NYC as the main gameplay.

    thats not the point though shouldnt have to build a station for that. should be able to build a motor pool with 300 max vehicles is what im saying. its a developer thing is all and im sure one day they will get to it

    yeah all fine and dandy but how about new fire and ambo missions before a rollout like this..and since you just did it how about change it from 1 day to 7 days let some of us play so we can actually afford to purchase with coins gonna take me playing 24/7 for days straight just to get 4-5 mil racked for the new missions and tasks!!!

    ok thats what i thought i saw hard to get my alliance to post damn courses the ones running it seem to not want to bother and bitch if you ask