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    I would love to see it so with alliance buildings such as Prisons, be able to be given Icons like personally owned buildings. An example of this is making it an image that the whole alliance would see. It would make alliance buildings much nicer to look at, instead of the grey alliance building icon.

    What do people think?

    I love the look of the satellite map option, however I really wish I could see things like roads, place names etc, I think there should be a hybrid for place names and road names on the satellite map, what do people think?

    The biggest issue I find is I never new you could make categories, and when I did I still don't fully understand how to make them properly

    I would love to see more Tasks and Events thought the week. Even if it was 1 task per day or a couple of tasks low reward, it gives players that bit more incentive to log on and complete the daily tasks. I think I just adds that bit more progression to the game that you have at the start with the beginner tasks.

    I know what the pumps are for and I have them across every station now, but I was wondering what the actual benefits were for the light 4x4 pump, is it worth having them or just continuing to buy the water ladders?