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    In the uk game we have the amublance officer, equivilant to the ems chief so you could send a few of those to missions with a few patients.

    I have spoken in great deal with someone I know who is a level 2 trained offer.

    This is what he had to say.

    PSU vans are not used day to day for the following reasons.

    1 they are a force resource that needs to be free should a public order incident occur.
    2 (If using the large vans) they require a D1 driving authroity on a persons driving license and unless they have that d1 through training or grandfather rights then loads of officers cant drive the vans.

    The only time they will use the van for a "IRV" sort of transport is if there are no vans free due to the above reasons.

    Cant edit the above for some reason.

    Or solution would be like the police where an ambulance can "steal" a patient from someone who is offline.

    The problem wit the game is that unless you use the above as a 4 cell.
    Most forces opperate a single cell van with a few opperating 2 cells.

    So it could be cool as part of a police misc update to have a 1 cell and 2 cell van opion that goes to missions.

    The planned missions need a complete overhaul.
    We need to be able to spawn maybe 5 at a time.

    Then give us the option to send these specialist units to them with the chance of them turning into a normal mission.

    EG a concert turns into a crush and patients spawn, giving a bit of a dynamic change to them rather than then completing with no incidents.

    This is quite a clunky solution, people wanted the PSU carries to count as a IRV but now they dispatch as one.
    I have 100 PSU carriers accross my setup and to assign each one to a individual class would be teedious and slow.

    It would be better if they just reverted it to how it was and for players to send an aditional IRV.

    The ingame map (not the apple one) has the option to access a POI database to save us having to add them manually

    I think there was talk of enabling that but evidently it has not happened yet.