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    This is for the UK version so how its done in Chicago is irrelevant.

    This whole thread is irrelevant to me as I’m a US version player. Our discord server forum bot didn’t show what forum the thread is in and I didn’t check first. My mistake. Laters!

    I would also like to see more financial statistics, even if it means having to get a Premium account, being able to see lifetime P/L (profit loss) charts and more charts of statistics would be nice.

    Would like to see more statistics in the dispatch center statistics panel

    Maybe calls processed that day, processed per hour, processed by week and month and lifetime.

    Also ability to have charts showing the calls for various types of units would be nice as well.

    Having insight into type of call and frequency of that type would be good as well.

    I am loving the simulation and look forward to more expansion :)

    The POI feature is useful for labeling important assets in the community however inability to set custom icons for them makes it somewhat difficult to use. I would like to see an icon library similar to Google Maps POI icons that we could use to set up our own POIs.