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    I'm not sure about other states having a State Police Mobile Crime Unit but I know in NH it is responsible for deaths along with shootings & stabbings. If you look at NHSP Mobile Crime Unit you'd see what I'm talking about. It would need the education of Semi Driver & can only hold 2 people while responding...Might need some other classes too but I'll update when I do more research

    Sorta like the admin name tags in chat...They used to be blue border white letters. Now they're blue border & black letters......Would be better if they made the players aware of the changes to be honest.

    New England 911 Emergency is recruiting Mission chief registered accounts of those who can follow the rules & help others as an administration (If & When an administrative role opens)

    IF Interested, contact me (NHSP2020 or one of the administration members in the alliance *DO NOT BOTHER THE FINANCIAL ADMINS*)