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    good idea not sure how putting into the game would send message to ur govt tho :/ I don't think its in the wrong section @Ace I just think all the extra reasoning makes it seem that way. its a good thought though.

    He wants the call in the game.

    @Nickynickdispatch I always imagined the main reason of alliance events was to slam down a large number of missions across a wide area very quickly, making it more challenging. Spacing the missions out seems like a bit of a "easy mode" way of looking at it, at least to me it does.

    That is a very fair statement however we also have our own calls to tend to, and they end up piling up anyway and if there is a long 1 or 2 day mission then its about the same or would to me. I know you don't want to get overwhelmed you said so yourself. also for a mission that long no one is on that long so once you got back online there would be a lot of missions. and it would still be challenging because they would begin spawning and youd have to dispatch to them as well as ur own calls. idk its just an idea. they are all really great ideas, and I do agree with you saying that fast is challenging. maybe there could be the option of a marathon with lots of competitors and would make the speed many options to choose from instead of just 2 or 3

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    I think change the Names from type 1 to engine type 2 to brush truck and change the brush truck crew capacity to 2 to 6

    Well technically a brush truck, even being called that, it still a type of truck. I know the brush trucks in my hometown are type 3 or type 4 or something like that when it comes to
    Type, so calling the type 2 and brush trucks is ultimately the same thing is what I'm trying to say. I'd just recommend naming ur type 2 as a brush. I think i addressed ur post the right way hopefully I correctly interpreted in my head what you were trying to say and went down the right path responding lol

    I know depending on department they either do engine ladder or rescue to have a medic on

    Or some departments do some of all. They may not even scrutinize it as much as we are it's not really a big deal. Although maybe some departments do. All it means is if all the crew are paramedics. And some departments even require all employees to be paramedics. And then some don't have it written on the side of the truck. The whole thing is who is in the truck and what are they capable of. Has nothing to do with the truck itself really.

    Idk to me it seems complicated that's just me. We already have the capability of sharing hospitals with each other. Then comes the complication of when it is able to be built who builds it? Well the admin or maybe co admins.... and then conflict of interest because they are gonna want to build t near them. But what if we were just able to share our vehicle or even stations with each other. That does the same general thing and also prevents interest conflict

    Like @letsgohope12 had stated I think the fly-cars are your ems supervisors. I don't see a point in having both. Maybe the calls could be changed to require them and/or the unit be changed to dub the title of supervisor and/or fly car. And then with the brush truck I just don't see the point. You have your engines. And to me the type 2 IS a brush truck- what else is the point of it? And I would really like to know actually lol it would be interesting what do y'all use them for? I just think you can use this as the brush truck that's what I've always assumed it for.

    I think making it so having a paramedic trained firefighter in the vehicle should make it act as a fly car

    Not a bad idea kind of like the quint- a two in one. That's a really good idea we could have cross trained firefighters could be advanced more medically and have the capabilities of an ambulance man.

    I think this idea would go great with a volunteer stations were there is a random response delay from 3 to 10 or 15 minutes would be cool because you could standby units so it removes the response delay.

    true. But really for that to be a major factor in the game with volunteer stations it would be good to have an update to go along with it to where there are unstaffed volunteer stations.

    Close the thread it's of topic
    If you can't handle some feedback and criticism on your ideas don't post them people will disagree because everyone has their own opinions from what they have experienced. And remember the way things sound when you read them is completely different to the way the sound from the actual person.

    Obviously a problem with texting and online forums but that's one consequence and why people need to choose carefully what they say because once they say it they can't control how it's interpreted. And not quite sure who you're addressing here.

    I DO however do not think we should close this thread it's interactive, and the unhealthy and off topic posts have been deleted by moderators which is a good thing. But the person who started the thread doesn't deserve to have his idea suppressed because of an argument, which shouldn't have started in the first place.

    I think this is a good idea I know it happens in big cities Chicago being iconic for it, unfortunately. I think 4 type 1s is going to be more accurate, however considering how many units you see at trench rescues and others similar to this. So maybe 3 type 1s. It would take a lot of man power. And 1 or 2 rescues and same for batt chief. As for patients this could very for sure. Usually it would be 1 or 2 but there is always the possibility of bystanders or a mass victim incident with 3 or 4. And for stations required... if you think about it this way: if the call were to require 2 rescues, the station requirement should be 8, considering 1 rescue is needed after 4 firehouses, 2 for -8- etc. kind of can correspond with unit requirements with number of stations built. If the game expects the player to have 1 rescue for every 4 stations then it would make sense for the station requirement for the call to be 8. Sorry for all that I was trying to word it right lol.

    I hate to be the one to bring this to light. But it seems as though when unblock someone on these forums.. nothing happens. They are not blocked and can continue responding to me and messaging me. :(

    The highrise fires are not coded to give patients. I have yet to have one give me a patient since the day they were put in, and I usually get four to five a day.

    Ok that's what I thought. But based off what I read on the mission requirements section they should be coded to have patients...