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    @KatieCapriatti75 but has any unit both the SAR and TR rquipment on a single vehicle? With the Heavy Rescue vehicle it is acutally possible, as it is on both the SAR and TR Equipment vehicle list and has a capacity of 20.

    The issue that popped up today/yesterday is that the game suddenly requires you to have 6 personnel if you try to send out a Heavy Rescue with SAR and TR equipment. Tough nut when the vehicle only has 4 seats.

    See the attached pic for reference. This vehicle worked perfectly fine last weekend, now I had to dump one of the two equipments to be able to send it out to the call.

    So, the task in question is "[Fathers day] Finish 25 mission of type Airport Missions (Specialization)". I think the problem is that there are no missions that have the tag "Airpot Mission (Specialization)", there is only the general "Airport Missions", but that apparently does not count for the task.

    Here is what I've done on my end that led me to the conclusion:

    I assigned a single Firestation with the Airport Specialization to a separate Dispatch Center ("Farm DC"). Every other Dispatch Center was deactivated so only the Farm DC spawned missions. After getting some larger (and time intensive) plane fires/crashes I also activated the "Own Coverage Area" option for the Farm DC. In the end, I cleared a potpourri of: Landing Gear Failures, Braking Overheats, Large Aircraft Crashes, Debris on Runways, Burst Tires - Aircraft, Jetbridge Collapse, Cargo Plane Fires, Airport Terminal Fires, Aircraft Leaking Fuel and Engine Fires. A few of those were even spawned before I separated the Station over to the Farm DC. But all throughout, the task counter stayed at 0/25...

    As the title says, I think the mission "Hostage Rescue Aboard Cargo Ship" in the Sharpshooter-Variation can currently not be cleared.

    It requires 4 personnel with the new Sharpshooter training, which is a course at the Police Academy. But neither Patrol Boat nor Police Heli, nor any other police vehicle are able to actually reach Ocean Rescue Missions.

    And of the stations that can reach Ocean Rescue Missions (Fire Boat Dock, Rescue Boat Dock, Coastal Rescue Station, Coastal Air Station and Medical Helicopter Station), their personnel can not be trained in or even hired for coins with Sharpshooter training.

    Possible solutions would be to either add a Sharpshooter course to the Coastal Rescue School or to enable Police Helis and/or Patrol Boats to reach Ocean Rescue Missions

    If I make an airport specialization and a foam specialization at one location what will happen?

    If you mean by "one location" at the same station, it won't work. While stations can have multiple Extensions, only one Specialization can be active for a station.

    The new mission nuclear explosion requires a foam specialization which i don't have.

    Not sure where you got that from, but it "only" needs you to have 6 active Foam Extensions according to the mission info (plus some other stuff).

    From my understanding of the mission spawning mechanic, it then could spawn either as

    a) a regular "Fire Fighting Mission" at a normal fire station,


    b) a "Chemical and Industrial Fire Mission (Specialization)" at a station with a Foam Specialization.

    Of course, it also would need the corresponding POI "Power Plant" within the stations range.

    Will I still get airport missions with the foam specialization?

    Funnily, yes. Not the complete variety, but there are quite a few missions than are marked for both Mission Type categories. Again, the corresponding POI's would be needed


    Sharpshooter Course - What is this?

    If someone could send a screenshot of the training screen, that would be great! I don't have a police academy, only my allies do.

    Apparently the Sharpshooter Course unlocks new variations for missions. Taking the call "High-Risk Warrant" as an example, the normal one asks for 1 Patrol Car and 18 SWAT Personnel. If you have atleast 4 personnel with Sharpshooter available, there is the chance to instead get the call variation that requires an additional 2 Sharpshooters on scene. Of course, payment for the variation call is a few hundreds higher.

    What has me a bit confused is that they added Sharpshooters to a single Ocean Rescue Mission: "Hostage Rescue Aboard Cargo Ship" (requires 8 available Sharpshooter personnel). While this does make sense, I don't see a way to actually getting the Sharpshooters on scene currently.

    The police school can not train personnel of Coastal Rescue Stations. The police Patrol Boats can't be send to Ocean Rescue Missions. And the Coastal Rescue School does not have the Sharpshooter Course. Or am I missing something?

    So, I run into some issues with my ARR's. Even though it does say "saved", the system is not changing the numbers within the "Own Vehicle Category" tab accordingly.

    This happens either when I:

    --> create a new ARR, every number input within the tab "Own Vehicle Category" gets changed to 0 after saving.

    --> copy an existing ARR, every new number input within the tab "Own Vehicle Category" gets changed back to 0 after saving. Pre-existing number values within that tab (from copying an existing ARR) are kept / get changed back to their old value.

    I just had an issue with patient handoff went to dispatch my small boat to another call yet it said it was not available, went and checked on it in station and it said it was at a patient handoff. Yet I didn't have a patient handoff call on my list or on the map.

    Having the same issue with the handoff mission not showing up, yet the vehicle being blocked with it. Only solution I found so far is to go to the station, click the blocked vehicle and cancel it's assignement manually. but that looses the patients/prisoners, so might aswell release them on the primary mission site they were generated at...