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    Who are we?

    UK United Emergency Response (UKUER) are a fairly new Alliance, formed middle of December 2022. Although we’re new on the scene, we already have a combined income in excess of 400 million credits and we’ve emased that with only a handful of members!

    We’re a young Alliance, but we’re highly motivated, extremely active, and committed to helping all of our members grow.

    What’s in it for you?

    We may not have the infrastructure that a well-established Alliance may have, but we’ve certainly made a good start. We already have a number of Alliance hospitals, prisons, and can offer free training courses on request.

    What’s more:

    - We share several million credits worth of missions every single day

    - We’re committed to helping all of our members succeed and grow

    - We have an active team of Alliance staff - what’s more, as our Alliance grows there will be staff opportunities for you to apply for if you wanted to?

    - We have a maximum tax of 20% on any alliance shared buildings - meaning that you can earn from your shared buildings, but won’t be ripped off for using others’

    - We invite you to join our Discord server to really be a part of our community

    What do we expect in return?

    In order to ensure that our Alliance continues to be a great place… we expect anyone that joins us to:

    - Stick to the Alliance rules

    - Be active - we understand that everyone has real life commitments, and that’s cool - but we do like our members to be active and engaged

    - Play by the rules of the game

    We don’t mind whether you play realistic or not… how you enjoy the game is totally up to you.

    Hopefully, you’ve seen enough to entice you to at least check us out? We’d love to welcome you to UKUER and have you on board as we grow together; as an Alliance, and as a community.