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    Hello everyone,

    I am not sure whats going on but my FD and PD went from 50k to build to 150k or 208k to build. Very Confused on what happened and wanted to know if that was a normal thing to happen.

    Thank you!

    Buying a Tanker Semi Truck Trailer in a Small Fire Station is impossible because you require a "Crew cab semi" which, for some reason, cannot be purchased in a small fire station unless you have a "Mass Casualty Trailer Extension." The Mass Casualty Trailer Extension cannot be built on a small fire station as that is a ambulance related extension.

    These issues do not occur in a "regular / non-small" fire station because the Mass Casualty Trailer Extension requirement to buy a Crew Cab semi does not exist in those stations.

    Seems like the developer tried to prevent people from using crew cabs in small stations but did it in a very odd and confusing way which makes it seem unintentional and like a bug.

    Um i might be completely mistaken here but i have a small station with a trailer and crew cab. all i did was use up to of my 5 parking spots.

    {(edit!!!!) I have the normal station lol sorry!!}

    Hot take but would it be cool if they had the feature (could turn it on or off) to have the responsibility to be a 911 operator. I know it would be dead near impossible considering how much work it would take and i know there are already games that do that but it would be so cool to include that in MissionChief.

    Sorry a really big hot take just a thought today. :D;(:D;(

    A police van should be added to the US version of the game. It would act just like a patrol car, require no training, but can hold like 4 prisoners. This would be extremely helpful, while being realistic at the same time

    This statement is very true, doesnt make sense that there isnt already.

    This is my area, Boston MA. Curious if anyone has any advice for me on how to better my situation. So far ive been doing pretty well and haven't spent a single dime for coins or credits. So far I have accumulated Earned credits:4,320,631 and have been playing for 2 months. Thanks guys for any help!

    I relocated to another state and spent a few million already building. yes it is Million not Billion my mistake

    you guys have so many coins, how? I am planning on not spending a dime. Is it to hard or even worth it?

    Hot take here, I get the game is a business at the end of the day. but can they stop making daily goals to buy a certain amount of coins? Lol i get if it was a single goal but 2 of mine are that and i only have 1 normal goal. Most days are like that to. ;(;(:/:D:D

    Does anyone know how to progress in the game faster than the game seems to allow.

    I have played for 1.5 months and i have total of 3 million earned credits (mostly spent all them)

    Im not sure if thats alot but like I see people with close to a billion earned credits and im mind boggled.

    If anyone has any ideas let me know! Thank you!

    Hey quick question from Boston MA,

    Anyone know if I have one ARFF Crash Tender, If i get a crew carrier and put 12 ARFF trained firefighters inside does it count as AFRR response team. its rlly hard to expain but when it says Needed vehicles: 4 ARFF can i just have 4 ARFF certified people go in a non ARFF Crash tender?

    Please help me out

    Hey guys just curious. do yall actually spend money on extensions or is it smarter to just save the money for bigger and more expensive buildings like aviation related or water related buildings?

    also at what point should i stop upgrading buildings?

    Thanks guys

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