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    so lets make this simple I have Type 1 engines which are the normal every day city units and Type 3 which are wildland

    when i have a normal city call it pulls my T1 and T3 units which leaves me completely empty on wildland calls
    my alarm and regulation is set to default "Fire trucks" which in this games mind is any type 1-6.

    how do i prevent this from happening and yes my wildland calls are automatically set to only pull my T3+ units

    Thanks :)

    since we got mass transportation for medical, can we get mass transportation for police. #Pattywagon for protests of course!

    "Automatically cancel a rescue service when it is needed" < This was a direct copy n paste

    to me this statement doesn't make any sense, this can be found under the settings tab in the dispatch center.

    As it should be "Automatically cancel a rescue service when it is (NOT) needed"

    I do certainly understand your point, but I do also not see what it has to do on this forum with mission chief ? Of course you or others may create a game with the same system, but developed for aviation platform. But it doesn't´t really involve mission chief at that point, but yes. I do think it is an interesting idea, of course.

    there is not many games where you can talk to game developers straight on. so you tell me where else should i put my ideas? because EA, Rockstar, or Activision wont give 2 hoots about small indie games.

    Ive always had the thought of what missionchief would be on the platform of aviation. Here are my thoughts, you get two paths that you may upgrade at any time one is the airport and the other is airline.

    AIRPORT- For instance you built the airport JFK in New York state, from there you get to purchase airport upgrades like fuel trucks, tugs, deicing trucks. You may also build and or upgrade the runways or terminals and many other buildings.

    AIRLINE- You pick what you call your airline, and from there you build your empire of aircraft's. You pick what you fly Ex. Airbus A380, Boeing 747, and hundreds of other aircraft that exist within this earth. All that have different speeds, passenger counts, oh, did i forget to mention fuel consumption!

    an ever expanding need to make your airport and airline bigger and bigger, while Having global flights between alliance or clan mates.

    some of you may think i am on drugs, and to answer your question. Yes i am

    In my head this would be an extremely cool idea and to others, well... they may egg my house. Please share your hopefully positive thoughts.

    x1 SWAT
    x7 patrol cars > Traffic control and perimeter holding
    x1 K9
    x1 Ambulance > Due to the high likely hood of weapons being present and or an ambush situation. The probability of an self or malicious harm to the suspect officer or civilian within the complex, an ambulance tags along for rapid transport if needed if a problem should arrise.

    suggested credits 3,500-6,000