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    i think they should allow prisons and prison transfer in game instead of just allowing alliances to have prisons.

    Also, if you have a high profile suspect (for instance) could you put a feature where police escort a prison van to the prisons?

    i think having the uk SEG ( Special Escort Group) should be put into the game so they can escort high profile officials to sites

    bit of a random one but a good one at the same time. As with real life paitents getting transferred from one hospital to another i think this should be implemented into the game. I know we can patient transfer from a clinic to hosp but i think it would add more real life situations to hospital jobs. What does everybody think ?

    this is exactly what ive just posted up myself! Also i think having say 40 beds for the hospital is pretty lousy considering some hospital have in excess of 1000 beds at their sites so maybe they should increase the hospitals bed sizes to what ever the player wants say like have a limit of 2000- just a thought

    hello so I'm wondering who would like the idea of having specialised hospitals on the game. Let me explain.... so some hospitals mainly specialise in say cardiology where as others may specalise in eye surgery for instance as well as being a general hospital (hopefully your still with me on this). Now it would be only two easy to create cardiology on a hospital already build in game but i think it would be more fun to actually have a specialised feature for hospitals in the game so then the player can decide whether said hospitals are going to specialise in anything. What are your thoughts ?