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    I like this idea, for me I would definitely use it to distinguish between the different versions of thinks like small / large supermarket fires etc, where there are size variants of the same mission. Another great use would be a drop down for each of my smaller alarm regulations with the "upgraded" versions, for example person check often upgrades to officer down - it would be great to have the additional units available in the person check drop down menu rather than having to go through each upgraded mission selecting every individual unit that it hasn't been sent yet.

    I was wondering, What is the purpose / benefit of having cardiac surgery as well as cardiology, or neuro-surgery as well as neurology? Does it increase the credits you get back? I have not noticed a requirement for the surgeries (except general surgery) with patient transport.

    Not sure if this is an error/bug, but I am trying to swap my mass casualty with a fly-car from another station (both amb stations are full). It does not allow me to swap, stating that the station I am trying to swap the mass casualty to is full, even though I am swapping vehicles and not "shifting to" the new station.

    New Graphics Pack

    I have just publicised a new graphics pack on MC which is specifically for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue. Obviously anyone can use it anywhere but all the units are as close to the real thing as I could get. Not all graphics were made by me but credit is given to all creators whose work I have featured / edited.

    Hope you enjoy!

    I like this idea - many of the local ambulance stations in my area are merging to share buildings with the fire service, so this would be really handy! Potentially it could cost the same as relocating a building - 10 Coins? Just if the Dev wants to see it be a bit more profitable for him y'know?

    I'm not sure how popular this idea will be, especially with players outside of the UK (As I'm only aware of UK Fire & Rescue).

    In the service which I am playing (Devon and Somerset FRS) they have various levels of rescue capability - as shown by their types of units ranging from light, hybrid L&M and medium rescue pumps (Like the Rescue Engine in-game), as well as heavy rescue tenders which are equivalent to the Heavy Rescue Vehicle in-game. What I am suggesting in this thread is a change to the game mechanics and introduction of new units.

    Minimum rescue capability - can be used to fight fires and deal with very minor rescue scenarios like animals stuck in drains etc... (In-game, the usual type 1/2 engines)

    Light rescue capability - can be used to deal with standard traffic collisions as well as minimum capability incidents (In-game, a new unit called Light Rescue Engine)

    Medium rescue capability - can be used to deal with light or below capabilities, as well as more dangerous traffic collisions and minor structural damage etc (In-game, a new unit replacing the current rescue engine, called Medium Rescue Engine)

    Heavy rescue capability - can be used to deal only with rescue, basically the in-game heavy rescue vehicle, but would not be able to complete "Specialist Rescue" missions, such as stuck climber, trench rescue, medical emergency on crane etc. (In-game, in-game the usual Heavy rescue vehicle)

    Specialist rescue capability - would not be able to complete anything light, medium or heavy, but would have the ability to complete specialist rescue missions involving height or confined spaces. Could also be required in full building collapse and major airport terminal collapse where people may be missing etc. (In-game, a new unit called Specialist Rescue Engine). With the introduction of the Specialist Rescue unit, I would imagine more unique mission ideas may come forward to expand it's use in-game at "required" missions.

    The incentive to buy the lighter rescue vehicles would be a reduction in price, or rather an increase in price for the new vehicles:

    Type 1/2: 5,000 Credits
    Light Rescue: 10,000 Credits
    Medium rescue: 19,000 Credits
    Heavy Rescue: Same price (12,180 Credits)
    Specialist Rescue: 14,500 Credits

    Potentially there could even be new training for the specialist rescue unit which I suggest could take 3 days.

    The main issue I see with my idea is that of giving unit's a double-role, as I am aware Sebastian is not keen on adding more of them - perhaps rather than making the light/medium rescue capability mandatory, it would act instead to reduce the time the incident takes to complete, and therefore the Light/Medium rescue units I've suggested could also have a coin-only purchase option until the rank of Captain, when I believe the current dual-role units unlock.

    Please let me know what you think! :)

    I have a AW139 which I uploaded a few weeks ago.

    I do have a sea King in the works but unfortunately my PC is out if action for the moment. Hopefully it will be working soon.

    Saw the AW139 - That's brilliant! Was wondering more about the Sikorsky S-92 in HMCG Livery.

    Thank's a bunch for replying anyway, and sorry to hear about your PC!

    Currently you can specify a patrol route for certain vehicles which they will follow for a certain amount of time. I was wondering what people thought of the following route options which I think would be a good addition:

    1) Random local patrol route - a random route generated each time within a 5 mile radius of the station the vehicle is from - good for local police patrols or ambulances.

    2) Random area patrol route - a random route generated each time within a 20 mile radius of the station the vehicle is from - good for state trooper / roads policing or K9 units.

    3) Station-to-Station patrol route - a "dot-to-dot" route which randomly sets a patrol route for the nearest 5/10/20 etc stations of the same type.

    Please use the poll to identify the options you like:

    It's been a while, but I now have some more graphics to publish!

    Ford Kuga Duty Officer:

    DSFRS Ford Kuga Co-Responder:

    DSFRS Iveco Daily Rapid Intervention Vehicle:

    DSFRS MAN 12.240 TGL Heavy Rescue Tender:

    DSFRS Mercedes Atego Heavy Rescue Tender:

    I'll be honest, I don't see any of those being implemented. Perhaps I'm in the majority, but I don't see things like "foam trailer" or "ALS trailer" having a wide enough usage to be implemented, and have never heard of a cascade unit at all. I've also never heard of a mobile command trailer being used, however perhaps that is a USA-based unit? (as is, I suspect, the cascade unit)...

    The platform rescue to me sounds a little odd - why would a height appliance need to carry rescue equipment for say, a road traffic accident? again, I'm sure thats something seen more in the US than in the UK.

    HOWEVER - I absolutely love that you're taking the time to come up with new suggestions for the game, which you've clearly taken some time to think through - and these are only my opinions - I'm not a mod, and I'm certainly not the Dev! Nor do I speak for anyone but myself.

    What I do is assign a graphic of the utility without a trailer for the utility and then a utility with a trailer for the trailer.

    And that works except for the fact that you then have two utility graphics, one of which is attached to a trailer, on the map, which looks unrealistic.