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    Hi Whitchit - This one may interest you!

    Exmouth's Water Rescue Van! (Couldn't find any good pics of the left hand side!)

    EDIT: Also, have you made one of the Rapid Intervention Vehicles?

    Hi KieranWood - Thanks for sending this over!

    I'm in the process of creating the water rescue van for exmouth - only recently came across it myself.

    As for the RIV, I will create one shortly however am unsure as to where any are based within DSFRS at the moment - if you have any insight I would certainly appreciate it!



    It's been a while, but I've had a chance to relax and create a few more (all of which are based on DSFRS Appliances):

    Iveco Eurocargo Light Rescue Pump

    WrL MAN 14.285/JDC (Exmouth Pump 1)

    WrL MAN 10.220/JDC (4x4) (Exmouth Pump 2)

    WrC (Danes Castle Water Carrier)

    DSFRS Newer ALP (MAN Vehicle)

    I have recently added an urgent care centre to replace an existing ambulance station, however I am unable to move my "Fly Car" and ALS Ambulance to the Urgent Care Centre. Urgent Care Centres, for me, do not appear in the list of stations owned which comes up when I click the "move" button for the vehicle I want to move.

    Seeing HART-type units in-game would be amazing. They have the capacity to work at height, in confined spaces, during structure fires, water rescues, mass-casualty incidents, entrapment's, hazardous chemical / CBRN and during live terror attacks such as a roaming firearms incident or bomb threat. They also have their own Mobile command unit and a POD system that allows them to bring an off-road casualty transport ATV to a scene.

    Mobile Command Unit

    Rescue / Boat Carrier (RHIB stored in the top part)

    ^ Incident Support Unit (Hazmat)

    ^ POD unit featuring the ATV

    ^ HART IRU (one of two main response vehicles.

    ^ Other IRU vehicle.

    ^4x4 HART Paramedic vehicle.

    It would be awesome to perhaps have these in-game and rather than being a requirement, you were to receive a bonus when they are used to treat casualties at, for example an entrapment or chemical spillage. (They are not able to transport, so ALS / BLS would still be required anyway)

    As for Critical Care and other EMS services, we have:

    @Whitchit I've got to admit, I've tried this to no success. Could you make like a step by step guide or something if you've got a moment?

    Well... I honestly cannot be bothered to take the time out of my Christmas Eve preparations to make you a personal step by step guide... so here's one I made earlier!…UhEGz750/edit?usp=sharing

    Any questions, give me a buzz.

    Kind regards


    A) Thank you so much, and well done!
    B) How did you get so many new icons?!
    And once again, thanks!

    A) Thank you, and you're welcome!
    B) I've made or sourced / found all of these at some point, as there were uploaded from my personal document folder on my laptop. Something like 930 ish individual files are currently there - some I never released because I didn't have the time and / or inclination. A couple are unfinished / were never quite good enough for me but are included as other people liked them. And some I only recently acquired or edited etc so that's why there are a number you may not have seen before.

    You're welcome!

    ***BIG UPDATE***

    Sorry for being away for so long. I know lots of people have unfulfilled requests and I am very grateful for their patience, and for the help of other creators who have posted on this thread. One re-occurring theme that I have been struggling with is people requesting something which was posted earlier on the thread. I know how tedious it is to check every page of a thread this size in the hopes of finding what you want, and I know I am not going to bother updating he first post on Page 1 any more than I already have, as it takes a lot of effort and people still fail to check it anyway.

    I have come up with a solution which I hope will benefit everyone concerned. I have created a public (view-only) folder on google drive, to which I have uploaded pretty much EVERY graphic I have ever used personally, whether made or edited by myself or other creators. Like a massive graphics archive. Currently containing much of what I have posted on this thread alongside some other bits and bobs. I do not claim ownership of all graphics, and this is only intended as a place where it is easy to find the graphic you're looking for. I will add other graphics I make, and if there are other graphics worthy of uploading, I welcome any creators to post on the thread, tagging me in so that I am made aware and I will look to upload as and when I can.


    I hope this helps everyone, and if anyone has any questions / queries / issues etc please feel free to send me a PM.

    Kind Regards


    Hi All,

    Long time no speak! I've been taking a break to focus on IRL stuff, but recently been working on some Gwent Police Vehicles. More specifically the following vehicles:

    Ford Focus Estate:

    Ford Kuga:

    Ford Mondeo Estate (Dog Unit):

    Hyundai i30 Estate:

    Peugeot 308 Hatchback:

    Hope these are to everyone's liking?


    Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone could break down the editing of Alarm&Response Regulations (ARRs) for me? In particular, what effect does the "sorting number" have on your Categories?

    Cheers :)

    I have recently come back to playing regular MC after staying on LLS for a fair while, whilst waiting for updates to MC that meant I could play the way I wanted again. Now that MC has been updated in this way (new units etc), I find myself in a bit of a pickle. My issue is that in order to renovate my area I would need to spend a lot of coins or even more credits just replacing old units that are no longer necessary / realistic.

    In an (my) ideal world, I would be able to contact the DEV and say "Hey, can you liquidise my ENTIRE setup on MC back into the coins and credits I spent on it originally, and let me organise my area from scratch. No 75% losses or sneaky gains etc. Just a straight 1 to 1 transfer, and then I can replace my stations and buy the units I need (with the coins / credits I originally paid or played to get to begin with). This would also allow players to re-start in another area without losing the progress into the game which they have worked for a long time to achieve. This could potentially help alliances if a player in Scotland wanted to work with other alliance members, but in order to do so needed to relocate to the midlands etc...

    I understand that there have been similar issues raised regarding how this could be used for cheating - if there is a way to safeguard against this then that would be grand. And I think potentially a time-limit on it, and making it a paid option, might be the best way to solve that. But also - I got myself thinking if I was the DEV, would I really want a thousand requests from people every day about this etc...

    I was wondering if the following would be possible (even if time-consuming to originally set up):

    A button in the profile settings that may only be activated once a year, which adds up everything you've spend credits and coins wise, and wipes your entire setup whilst refunding the credits and coins to your account. One, or maybe two screens to confirm you want to do that, and once done, there would be no way back, and a disclaimer stating something like " I know that I am going to wipe my setup and will be refunded with in-game money only, and that no currencies other than credits and coins that I have already used myself will be returned to me".

    The button pressed once a year thing prevents :

    A) Requests being sent to the DEV, as it ca all be done in code ...
    B) Cheating by repeatedly moving stations etc ...
    C) People moaning after new updates come out that they need to re-start things or delete things with no refund etc.

    The idea of making it a once per account button crossed my mind, and I think perhaps that would work better as a "this is free to do once per account, after that you pay maybe £5.00 or equivalent in other currencies" thing, so that it makes money to do but still gets limited to maybe once every 6 months if it's paid for etc.

    I've added a poll - please do have a think - If you have any other ideas that I like, or worries or concerns that are substantial, I shall add them to the main post as a quote to help inform others.

    It's been a while, but I'm still around!!

    Continuation of police crests:

    Gloucestershire Constabulary

    Greater Manchester Police

    Hampshire Constabulary

    Hertfordshire Constabulary

    Humberside Police

    Kent Police

    Lancashire Constabulary

    Leicestershire Police

    Lincolnshire Police

    Merseyside Police