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    Next batch of shiny stuff.



    Airport RRV

    @PepisMax125 I do not expect to have completed any of your graphics by the end of this year, I suggest patience just everyone else seems to be able to show.

    @Realjessey These are the ones I tried and failed to upload yesterday...

    A real treat today - some potentially kinda unrealistic units which I decided I couldn't not post - if you like them let me know :)

    HART Officer's Vehicle - Landrover Freelander

    HART Rapid Response Vehicle - Landrover Discovery

    HART Support Vehicle - Mercedes Vito

    I like this idea. I would like to mention, as Im sure it has in the past to have a consistent graphic from non emerg to emerg so there is no pause in between. Does this make sense?

    Currently, when enroute to a call, it pauses between lights flashing and doesnt look realistic, any way to change this?


    That's why I set this thread up. I am aware that APNGs can be added to the individual unit, but not in the same way that graphic packs function.

    I'll be honest, making new and flashy things is very fun indeed :)




    @PepisMax125 I'll see what I can do, but old stuff really isn't my forte - as you may be able to guess from my recent new and improved SHINY :D Graphics :D :D

    Some graphics I've been sitting on for a while, now with new and improved flashtastic flavour!

    Light Rescue Pump:

    Hybrid Light / Medium Rescue Pump:

    Medium Rescue Pump:

    Unfortunately not being a coding wizard I am unable to upload more than 10 attachments at a time, for those maths genii out there this will seem obvious, and as a result, I will only be doing 3 unit updates, rather than my regular 5.

    Hope ya like it!!

    Sooooo as many of you may already know, I have some form of unit graphics OCD ( UK Graphics Expanded ) but recently something has really annoyed me. We are able to upload animated graphics packs - I think you know where this is going - but we are not, so far as I am aware, able to upload animated graphics for individual units. Personally, It's killing me inside, and I hope enough of you feel the same that we can have this added to the Dev's list of highly requested things. Here I am, ever hopeful!

    If you guys could let me know by way of the poll below, I'd be most appreciative. I hope I've included answers that fit most points of view...

    Its ok. Was just wondering. I have brought the model they produced :)

    It's on the list, has been since the last time you (or somebody else possibly) asked. I'll get round to it.

    In the meantime, I've uploaded my first animated Graphics Pack on Mission Chief!

    Hi guys,

    Sorry it's been so long! I've been busy IRl and haven't had much chance to catch up on work. I will be trying to complete all unresolved requests now, however with a backlog it may take some time to catch up!

    As an apology, here are a few new units, some of which I've started to collaborate with @Realjessey to make.

    Devon and Somerset FRS ISU:

    Avon and Somerset Police Skoda IRV

    Police Mobile Speed Camera Van

    Love all the ideas except for the co-responder fire engine - would prefer to see the fly-car as a mission requirement for this instead of the engine as it's currently not required for anything and it would make sense sending it to that alongside an ambulance.

    @Gav539 No worries, I will add it to the list.

    @IUsed2HavAWii69 & @ethanlowe Please check my earlier post, in which I very clearly stated that I would appreciate 1 request at a time. Your first request will be added to the list as usual, the subsequent requests will be put on hold until other's have had their chance.

    Please respect that this is something I do in my spare time, in between university, work and my voluntary role as a special constable. I do not get much free time as it is, but the more you request, the longer you will have to wait. I have a social life too, and this gives me very little time to myself. I do it as a favour. I don't charge. Please don't take advantage.

    I do understand that each and every one of you covers a force-wide area and then some, and the many different vehicles within each one are difficult to find online the way you want them. I am still creating graphics that I want for my force on top of this, and I have compiled them all for you on this thread. If anyone has a request, read through the thread before asking please. That saves just a little bit of everyone else's time and patience.

    Not a rant, so much as a stern warning that impatience will lead to a learning experience, in the form of being made to wait longer for your requests and understanding that there are probably hundreds more requests to come from across the country and abroad - although foreign vehicles will be added at the very bottom when I've completed all other requests. That's because of the name of the thread.

    Regards to you all.


    P.S. @ethanlowe I've included in this post the requested SJA Vauxhall Response Car, because having checked my previous posts it appears I created it without actually uploading it. My apologies to anyone who wanted it but never got it.

    @Gav539 Have these been satisfied by my subsequent posts?

    @KIERONSE999V2 I will be using some units from the kent mod, including the Landrover Discovery and Merc Vito, and at some point the V50 too among other things. Hang tight, as the list will only get longer as you add more, and I need to take other people's requests into account too.

    @jamie5d CARP is in an above post, and I will at some point get around to trying the bike and bicycle.

    @Lino_Carter That's an unusual paint job - I'll add it to the list but may take longer than average to get right. Which force is it from?

    @NFRSDan Added to the list, hang tight buddy!

    @KieranWood thank you, that would make my life much simpler. I have added the U/M VW Caddy to the list.

    ^ This is now a thing - as requests come in I will add them to the bottom of my list - if someone submits a second request before the first is finished for them, I will add it 5 spaces down to give others a chance to get theirs too. Patience is a virtue my friends.

    If anyone has previously requested graphics and I've not got back to them, please PM me with your request again.