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    the best place to look would be the graphics pack section in game. I believe there are a few Los Angeles style. If you dont find one you like then your always welcome to make a pack yourself (there are tutorials here on the forums) or if you ask nicely someone may help you with one

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    USOEM is Looking for You!

    Our focus in this alliance is to have fun, enjoy meeting new people, and making friends. We welcome all types of players into our family! If you have any questions about the alliance please don't hesitate to ask one of our Co-Admins, that's what they are here for. We offer many benefits to players including alliance schools with classes constantly ongoing, alliance hospitals to help alleviate some of the start up cost for players, and even alliance prisons to help with all the bad guys you will be arresting. We also offer a discount program for these alliance services based on alliance donations. The more you donate, the more you get.

    We look forward to playing with you! Stay Safe!

    USOEM Admin Team.

    Then if we were able to do that with a Type 1 then there'd be no sense in having the Rescue Engine and Quint combination units set to be unlocked at Captain. Wouldn't be fair to the players who waited so long to unlock them.

    I am on board for this but in a different aspect like quicker response time at calls or more crew room or something on that order.

    Not necessarily, they would still be locked until reaching the rank of captain. I'm looking at it as an easier way to change out units once you reach that rank.

    I don't quite see the point in upgrading a truck from Type 1 to Rescue Engine. It doesn't really work that way, so even in real life the department would have to get rid of the old truck and purchase the new one. Maybe I missing something here, but I don't see why deleting the engine and spending 19K on a Rescue Engine or Quint is such an issue. Especially since you can get 19,000 in no time by the time those trucks are unlocked.

    It works just like taking your car to the dealership and trading it in on another. I have been through the process several time as a truck captain in my former endeavors. You are correct in saying that it does not take you much time to earn the 19k to purchase one and just delete the one you want to replace, but some people just may not want to do that and just looking at this as an easier time saving option.

    To be honest I actually like this idea. Fire departments all over the world use their older outdated apparatus to trade in on newer pieces of equipment with more functionality all the time.

    My old department just recently traded in a full since Engine and a Mini pumper/rescue on a full size, brand new Rescue Pumper.

    Now I'm not saying we should be able to use multiple units like that but like the OP was trying to get across, a system where we can take say a Type 1 engine and upgrade it to a Rescue Engine for the difference in price or something reasonable would be a great addition to the game mechanics.

    Hey Everyone!

    Sorry I haven't posted about the wiki updates lately but they have continued and are still regularly done. The lastest updates have been a reworked buildings list, added all mission currently available (including the newest entrapment), units page has under went an overhaul but still may need some more work.

    I'll try to be more diligent about posting here when I get things updated.

    What's stopping you from doing that by yourself? I'd rather get a message from someone of the alliance then a stupid 'bot' sending me some default message i will ignore anways.
    That's not how you welcome users and please don't tell me it's too much effort to welcome the new guy by copy pasting that message you've already written.


    Theres absolutely nothing stopping anyone from doing it the way you mentioned. But as I stated it would be a customizable message from an administrator. You're correct it's not hard to copy and paste a message but that would be the exact same thing as what I am suggesting just minus the copy and paste part. Plus when you receive many new members at one time or have to do it multiple times a day, it gets very old very fast having to do that over and over again. It's better to get some kind of welcome message as a new member then nothing at all. We also welcome each new members with a welcome message in our alliance chat when they are accepted.

    And on a personal note this is just a suggestion, I understand that everyone has their opinions but the way your statement was worded, it seems as though you are bashing me and calling me lazy. I'm not saying that is what you are meaning by the post, just saying that's how it reads.

    I would like to suggest a welcome message that is sent to a new alliance members inbox. The welcome message could be edited by the alliance administration so that important information about making sure the new member knows about certain rules, policies, and to read the alliance forums.

    My police station is not getting calls even though it is set to every 30 seconds in fact none of my stations are getting frequent calls

    Feo2210 please read the FAQ thread, police calls do not spawn the same as with fire. The mission speed mostly just affects fire calls

    So since I've been playing and learning a lot about this game, I've seen a lot of people asking the same questions. I also noticed that there was no FAQ section here on the forums. So I thought that I would put together a list of the questions that I and other in my alliance have seen. I will of course add more as we see them and if you have any that you think should be added please PM them to me.

    How do I play this game?

    How do I earn credits?

    How do I get more calls?

    What is the Dispatch Center/Answering Point for?

    What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 fire truck?

    I don't want to be in this alliance anymore, how do I leave?

    When should I start using other units? (Ambulance/Police)

    When do I need to start sending my units to training?

    Why will my units not respond to my calls?

    Why am I not getting any calls?

    What is the ambulance/airport extension?

    How long does the expansion/extension last?

    i have to go along with Gavin and TACRfan on this one. From my personal experienc, the department that I worked for, an Engine was first out on any call besides a brush fire. We have a ladder but typically the only time it would go first is if the engines or rescue was already busy. We also had a heavy rescue that was dispatched to motor vehicle accidents first but it also had a water tank and pump so it was more of a rescue/pumper. All of the engines, the ladder, and the rescue carried extrication equipment so it honestly did not matter which responded to MVAs, just depended on the guy that was driving and what he hopped into first.

    are you sure its not 50% for the fly-car, because my fire engines get patients to 70%?

    Anyway depending on the coding language the game is written in (im guessing php or java since it is mostly browser based) could add a simple line of code to query the patients percentage bar and if it is 50% or less assign a random variable of 0 or 1. If variable is 0 then will need further treatment with ambulance and then like normal when reaches 0% goes to the normal possible transport script. But if the random variable comes back to 1, it can set the patient to 0% and automatically set no transport.