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    That's because at least in the Australian version, it is spawned by Ambulance Stations

    Interesting, I see that it is too in the US version. However, it requires fire units, and the name of the call does not suggest an injury but rather a road incident, so I think it should be a road incident-related icon.

    I don’t see how that’s evidence of a bot. It’s impossible to have multiple accounts with the same name. If they were all the same account that would also explain why they all have the same amount of earned credits. I searched the leaderboard and only found one account with that name. Did you happen to look at the ids of the accounts? It seems to me like someone just spammed the apply button.

    I think the communication between us and the mod team is great- thank you all for what you do. However, the communication between us and the dev team is horrible. We get about 1 translated message a week, and other than that we barely know what they are working on. None of us saw a completely unintuitive second app for a new color scheme coming, nor did anyone request that (to my knowledge). I feel like the devs need to actually look at this forum (or listen to you guys when you tell them what’s been requested) and make their decisions based off of that rather than whatever they think should be added. The whole reason they’re making so many different versions is to tailor the experience to people from that country, correct? So why not listen to people that are actually from that country?

    I guess what I’m not happy with is the lack of communication about or recognition of these issues. I feel like I’m expected to be happy with the devs putting out tons of new missions. To me, sure that’s nice, but it’s not a make or break thing. I could be playing with the same amount of missions as there were when I started playing and I would be just as happy playing. Even with things such as the wildland update: I would rather breaking bugs be fixed than have new units/stations.
    That being said, if any mods/admins see this: are the devs aware of these issues? Are they not as big of a priority as, say, the next phase of the wildland update? If they haven’t exactly figured out what the issue is, but they’ve made progress, that’s fine with me. I’d just like to know progress is being made.

    So I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years. I’ve definitely enjoyed playing it, but like most things in life, it’s had its ups and downs. I can say with certainty that the overall quality of the game has decreased recently. What I’ve noticed an increase of is the developers’ expectation that a new mission every week is supposed to make up for the fact that I have refresh my webpage/app 3, 4, sometimes 5 times before I can actually get into the game. Then 15 minutes later, I have to do that all over again because the chat stopped loading.

    With somewhat of an education in coding, I think I can say that coding a new mission takes a maximum of an hour to complete. This makes me think, "Where can I see active developing in the game?" The answer to me? Not many areas.

    Personally, I would rather the developers stop creating new missions altogether and work on the quality of the game. As an admin of the largest alliance on the US game, I've seen many users from outside the US join and talk about how they're glad someone is near them. Our alliance just recently surpassed 6,000 members, which when you think about it, isn't all that big in terms of how many people use the internet. Most alliances have less than 100 players. This leads me to think: How much attention do the new game versions actually get? Is it worth adding them at the cost of making the game super buggy with lots of downtime/lag?

    (On a side note, the translations in the english version really aren't done well and lots of things mess with my ocd, so I can't imagine what the translations are like in the versions they put together relatively quick recently. Alliance admins know what I mean when I say "Protocol" is nowhere even close to being appropriate for the alliance log. I'm sure there are plenty of people, myself included, that would be willing and able to help with this.)

    Here are a few of the issues I'm talking about here. I'm not that active on the forum so I'm not sure if they've been reported or not:

    -Opening the game on my browser (MS Edge, latest stable version) often results in this. Fixed by refreshing, sometimes multiple refreshes are necessary.

    -Opening the game on my phone (iPhone XR, iOS 14 Public Beta but I believe it happened before I downloaded the beta as well) often results in this. fixed by refreshing, sometimes multiple refreshes are necessary.

    -Our alliance has had to make a rule stating only one storm at a time as multiple running simultaneously (or one running while another has not been cleared) will induce lag for many of our players.

    -Oftentimes the game chat will freeze and not update with new messages, causing you to have to refresh (and deal again with the issues mentioned above).

    -Banning or Kicking a user will result in a serverfehler and will not be logged, not to mention that banning and unbanning are actually mislabeled on the alliance log.

    -General downtime/slow response times: these have increased significantly in recent months.

    There are plenty more bug, these are just some of the bigger ones I could think of off the top of my head. Also, not to mention the many grammatical errors in the game that I also discussed above. These issues don't just happen to me; users in my alliance have expressed the same thoughts I have to me. I understand the developers are trying to expand the game and make it more in-depth and realistic, but I personally feel that the general quality should be increased before more expansions, etc. continue to be added.

    tl;dr: I would like to see some actual bug fixes/better stability instead of a mission with a overly cheery translated message every week.

    (If a mod feels this would be better suited in another category feel free to move it)

    I'm an admin for US National Dispatch, and we recently reached the 6k member milestone. That's a lot of members- our memberlist is at 301 pages as I'm writing this. That being said, sometimes it is difficult to locate users with specific attributes whose names I do not know. If there was an option to filter results by things such as Admin status (Full admin, co-admin, finance, education, transport, action log), donation level, inactivity status, and discount level, this would make it much easier to navigate the list. Things like inactivity status, donation level, and discount level could be limited to admins as they are the only ones who can see that. Even if your alliance list isn't as long as ours, sometimes it's easier to look at a list of only people with specific values than to scroll through half that have it and half that don't.

    The largest alliance (I believe) in the game has over 4,000 members. Some people do not want to be in an alliance that big, and would rather be in one with less than 100 members. Some alliances only accept users from a certain region; others are global. Some alliances are very structured or realistic; others are more laid back. Some alliances are only for the founder and their friends. Choosing an alliance is all about finding one that best suits how you want you and the people around you to play the game, and there are a lot of different opinions on that. So naturally, there would be a lot of different alliance with different ways to operate.

    The more stations you have, the more calls you will get. Same goes for having a police station, and ambulance station.

    Not necessarily. It's the number of most populous stations (i.e. FD, PD, EMS) +1. So in his case PD or Medics wouldn't help.

    It's the number of most populous type of stations (per dispatch center) +1. So if you have a spread mix of stations it doesn't fare you very well.

    Currently, when viewing another user's profile page, you cannot view one of their station pages while on their page. You have to view it through the main map, which can cause lag and can be hard to find if they are in a heavily populated area. Also, when a user applies for an alliance, it would be nice for A) the admins to be able to see the user's station locations (and pages if the above suggestion goes through) and B) the ability for the user to send an attached join message (which takes the pain out of sending another DM for the alliances who ban overcrowding). Thanks for your consideration.