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    also in the UK critical care paramedics or paramedic practioners crew "flycars" and respond to the most serious medical calls that come in to get to the scene within 8 mins and , responder cars are also easier to get through traffic then the average ambulance :)

    it is realistic , every uk force has a few armed response vehicles on patrol on any one time patrolling ! how can you say it isnt realistic ? yes some american patrols are armed . i think it depends on each state .

    Can we have the ability for EMS flycars / UK ambulance rapid response vehicles to be able to patrol ? This would beneift us as especially in the UK RRV's patrol in areas of demand to get a quick effective first response to RED 1/2 EMS calls . i think this maybe the same in the US aswell , also in the UK some ambulance services operate big ambulance hubs which have loads of vehicles which are sent out to different towns to go on patrol or to ambulance standby posts or the nearest coffee shop ! so would add tp realism as a large amount of RRV's get sent out on patrol.

    i hope many can agree with me :) - Kieron

    hi guys ,

    i'm wondering can we have more variety of EMS calls , due to in game realism .

    the calls can include -

    Cardiac arrest ( bit puzzled on cardiac infarction )
    Heart attack ( not to be confused with the above call as heart attack is a circu.atipn problem not an electrical problem ) However this call could be upgraded to a cardiac arrest.
    spinal injury
    fall from height
    chest pains ( can be upgraded to a heart attack or cardiac arrest ).
    severe bleeding
    major burn
    pedestrian involved RTC/MVA ( police , fire required )
    Suicidal person ( police required )
    drug overdose ( police required )

    hope you like these suggestions , anymore i think of i will put below

    regards kieron :)

    aha i see , i like to stick realistic so i feel HART wouldn't benefit my area , but would love some new EMS and police vehicles - also the ability for patrol cars to have SWAT officers and serve as ARVs aswell as patrol cars :)

    aha nice ,i dont have HART as west kent have no HART , my fellow alliance member who controls east kent has the HART base in ashford ( make ready ashford ) when mass casualty are added will lost them as logistical support units that are at a few of my stations in reallife .

    Also can you do some mlre MC vids on your youtube ? Love your vids in general im south east 999 videos channel 2 :)

    ok i see thanks for clearing that up , i already send multiple units for some calls , and some fire calls that dont have patients i send a RRV to be on standby for realism :)

    hi guys, :)

    im wondering to add more realism to the EMS side of things ,can we have EMS calls which require more than 1 ambulance ? as in the uk for serious calls more than 1 ambulance attends whether extra ambulances or rapid response vehicles ( flycars ) ; more frequently due to EMS demand in the UK more fire brigades re now responding to EMS calls in a life or death situation .

    also can we have missions that a flycar can treat and discharge patients ?

    regards kieron :)