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    Ok sorry if i am wrong, I dont know many about the US Fire department. But in my oppinion the game is to german and the low regulation in the USA make this game not easy to programm.

    I have an question to you american: Is it right that volunteer fire fighters respond with POV and Emergency Ligst/ Siren to the station and to the call? I wanna do this in germany too, but its not allowed.

    Sorry my english is not so good to say you what the problem is. I know that every Fire Company can be organized in an other way. In germany we have strictly regulations and standarts how to organize the fire department. I play missionchief in New york, and i know there respond a rescue to a traffic accident. But I am a german firefighter so i can only tell you right things about the german Fire services. The german version is not ever real too, but structured in the right way.

    Hello community! I am an german Missionchief and Leitstellenspiel ( the german missionchief) gamer and an junior firefighter and paramedic. I think I knew some about the US Fire Department tactics, so I must say the game is to german. You can see for a traffic accident you need ingame an engine and in reallife the most US Fire services go to the call with an Rescue or an Laddertruck, right? In germany we made all fire calls with an engine (basicly) and not only with Rescues or Ladders... . But this problem we have in germany too. Usually we response to a gas leak with an Heavy Rescue with 3 Fire fighters if this Vehicle is in the Station. And with the personnel there are lots of german tactics, so in an german ladder you have 3 Firefighters. In an american Ladder you have 6-8 firefighters ( sorry when im wrong). In a german rescue we have 3 Firefighters. In an american Rescue we have 6-8, too. I think the reason of this problem is: the programmer of this game are german firefighters, like in the german version.

    That all came home from the Call!!!- Your Feulex.

    sorry about my worse english, I learn it at school.:-)