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    His idea states " a Daily Login Bonus, where the user would receive a small reward every 24 hours for playing the game."

    I understand what a daily login bonus is and agree there should be a reward for logging in for so many consecutive days.

    I like, but I can see where it could be abused. Someone could easily log in and just stay logged on without logging out. Continuing to receive that bonus...

    Light units are becoming extremely rare in the US because most trucks here have plenty of scene lights. Many have a 4500W or better light tower which only one can light up a scene brighter than day in most cases. The same is true of Command and HazMat trucks as most are combined together or with other types of apparatus. Most of the rest of the stuff you mentioned is considered overkill here, or provided as needed by the highway dept. Except in the case of the movable bridge, those are military only and would only be found at a US Army Corp of Engineers base.

    Where do you get your stats from? Command Post and HazMat trucks aren't going anywhere. You see them in almost every large department here in the U.S. Some Departments (smaller) may purchase combined units, because it is more in their budget unlike larger departments with a huge operating budget. I'd also like to see a command/rescue vehicle or a rescue/hazmat vehicle. I'd like to reiterate that some areas in the U.S operate completely different than the other side of the U.S. Therefore, you aren't wrong, but don't go speaking for the whole U.S. Since, our last conversation I've done some homework of my own. And have found both units widely used in the U.S still.

    Would players be interested in being able to see each units response stats. Like how many calls that unit has responded to daily, monthly, etc?

    Openstreetmaps is the issue. It's an issue on their side that has to be addressed. There's nothing we can do about it. Sorry

    Please remember that the way your area may operate could be a whole lot different than someone else's in the U.S. Even though you may be right about your area, my FD has 2 haz mat trucks and trailers, 2 mobile air units, and a command post. Our first out trucks may carry the minimum equipment for haz mat incidents. As far as unit requirements go. I have no issue with it now, maybe others do.

    Once, Sebastian is done with the project he is working on now and its released. I will ask if it is possible for a future update. I would love to see this as well. Well, really the ability to share you buildings and equipment with alliance members rather than giving them to members...

    I understand that. I am simply saying, in the U.S. I've never heard of such thing. Here, if the helo isn't able to fly then they are just transported by an ambulance. Emergency Services across the globe operate completely different. It's a learning opportunity for all of us to learn how each operate.