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    In some areas of the country, there are stations with trucks designed just to refill air tanks, or Mobile Air units. But for the rest of the country, there isnt one specific piece of apparatus that is an air unit. So instead, most companies install a cascade unit into their rescue units. In light of this and the surprisingly large number of stations that have them, I propose that a Air Rescue combo be installed in game to meet this demand. Not only does it help keep apparatus in line, but it also allows for more realistic game play. Thanks and hope you take this into consideration.

    Just to add some realism and make calls a tad easier? we should be able to set the station radius and manipulate it to reflect the actual response area of that station. I always get calls that are either not far into the stations area or arent even in the same county as that station and would be nice to set areas for my calls.

    What is the reason you don't want a vehicle to travel down it?

    Is it because the road a unit travels on wouldn't normally accept traffic down it or more of a roleplaying/game purpose?

    Mostly for role playing/realism. Also if by chance there happens to be a road that doesnt even exist (either entirely or in part) on OSM then you can mark it as closed.

    I think it would be neat if we could make roads on the map blocked off from the units to travel on (unless in an emergency on that road). This would allow for more realism in game. Not too sure how this could be approached since Im not familiar with open street maps...

    Well worth the wait! Completely takes game play to the next level and neatly organizes all of the functions into one area with a few more added perks! Definitely recommended for any player to use (because once you try it, you wont want to go back!)

    I would definitely like to see this added, but just maybe not as a required unit like the quint (but without the coin thingy with ranks) or the rest of us can suck up and just buy one and set it as status 6 unless absolutely needed

    So for me, what I do when I get a large call (ie. Gas Station Fire, Burning Machine, etc.), I tend to put more than whats necessary on the box to save some time. When I do this, I also might queue a unit to go on another call once the box clears. But when I go and cancel a unit from the box, itll set it to status 1 (which should happen), but the next call that it was suppose to respond to still has the yellow status symbol as if it were still in route to the call.

    like realjessey said us in the UK have pod trucks operated by USAR. they are usually MANs but are scanias in Scotland, Liverpool, Northamptonshire and Kent. they also have them in Germany and the US as well as other places (probably)

    I like the concept and I understand why youd have them, but majority of the US doesnt have that kinda thing, only in the big cities like Chicago. However we do have USAR units, just as semi trucks...[Blocked Image:]
    And in the county that I live in the only thing we have thats like USAR is 3 ATR stations. Then again we rarely get any search calls so...

    Must be something internal. What worked for me somehow is closing my tabs, waiting a bit, and new missions appered when I got back on. Now its allowing them to be marked as "on scene" but wont start to clear out calls as more missions are also being added. Trouble is that its still occurring... time for a server upgrade?

    To get some more use out of this POI, I suggest additions such as:
    Tactical Rescue (with or without entrapment, this would be something like a ride getting stuck or such)
    Ride Collapse/Crash
    Slate of medical calls

    the alliance can't see it as a staging area they are used to promote your growth and will produce a call that the poi is responsible for producing ie park will give a wildfire and your best source for information is the lower right hand corner tab called possible missions


    So I want to know a tad more about POIs before I do anything with them. So when I set one does my alliance see it like a staging area or is it for my use only? Also, can they be used for more than just one kind of mission or just one set thing? Thanks!