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    The idea is very interesting, and I bet many people have thought about that too
    I can also bet that within 24 hours people will come up with 1000 different reasons for that to be considered a bad idea
    Truth is, if we could make it work for the game and the players it would be very cool

    Main question is how you can dispatch alliance vehicles, etc...

    Find a balanced solution for that and this could become a real thing

    Nickname: DCzinho

    My situation is simple, when deleting the logo from the alliance it then redirects to a page to delete my profile logo, which can be a little bit annoying when i'm trying to test logos for the alliance
    I don't know for how long this has happened as I only noticed it today
    Sadly I can't get any prints but ill try again soon

    I'm using Windows 8.1 and Internet explorer for that account
    Graphick Pack isn't relevant
    No code error
    I did clear the cache

    So, there is no hospital in the image
    Now if we presume that you actually built the hospital for 1 coin you must have built it somewhere else, also, a Hospital for 1 coin?

    It happens to me many times when spawning missions for the alliance to refresh the page and the marker resets, still, 200km is weird... Maybe an alliance Hospital?

    Now, I'm guessing you probably didn't build a Hospital at all :/

    Hello everyone, I have had this idea of making a Portuguese Translation for the few people that played this amazing game by the time I also started playing but now that I see the Portuguese Community has grown up I decided it's time to volunteer for the job
    For the people who don't know me (basicly all of you) I am the creator of the Graphic Pack "Portuguese Units" and more recently "Portuguese Units [Bombeiros]"

    Yesterday I found out by a friend that the German version of the game was much larger than the US version, as I know a little of German I decided to take a look
    The German version had 75 different units while the US has just 21. I Was Shocked!
    I also joined the NL version but it's not even close to the german
    The interesting fact about the whole experience is to see that different countries have different units in the game, that way the Portuguese Game / Translation could have units as we have in Portugal which would probably be enjoyed by our neighbors from Spain as some units are very similar

    I would like to know if the admins are interested in this option and would like to have some feedback from other players too!

    Thank you for you time guys, any questions feel free to ask

    If you wish to see some of the Units the Portuguese Version could have here are some:

    VLCI which is a Light Pumper
    VUCI = Urban Engine
    VRCI = Rural Engine
    VFCI = Forest Engine
    VECI = Special Engine (any firefighting engine that has special features)

    VP = Platform truck
    VE = Ladder Truck

    VOPE = Specific Operations Vehicle which could be anything from a car for material transport or any kind of special operation
    VALE = Logistic Support Vehicle which used to be mostly the truck that can carry a container of the needed materials (HAZMAT, etc..) but now includes Large Capacity Tankers

    VTTU = Urban Tanker
    VTTR = Rural Tanker
    VTTF = Forest Tanker
    VTGC = Large Capacity Tanker

    ABSC/AEM = Ambulances from FD and INEM (respectively)
    VSAM/VMER = Fly-Car from FD and INEM (respectively)
    VIC = Catastrophe Intervention Vehicle (Mass casualty basicly)

    also INEM motorcycle and helicopter

    VSAT, VETA, VSAE there are plenty more units

    Including INEM (EMS), PSP and GNR (police Forces) and Fire Units I could make over 70 units for the game if needed :D

    Well I had 6 people in the class, and all of the 6 from the same station
    So, I'm just mad with the fact that not only it ate my coins and put them back on class aswell as it did reset the timer, basicly it reopened and restarted the class for those 4

    So I just spent 6 coins to finish the class, it finished for everyone including 2/6 of my ppl
    I bought the Mobile Command Vehicle and when i was assining the crew I couldnt find the other 4, I closed the station page and reopened and guess what, 4 of my ppl where back on the class
    Basicly I needed 6 ppl and only got 2, the class reopened and sent 4 of my 6 ppl back to school

    I'd like this fixed and having my crew ready, Thank you