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    Not really familiar with this 4 seater ambulance but it looks really interesting. I would love to see a type 2 ambulance even if it was the same as the normal one, simply so I could have 2 types of ambulance in one station without having to change the skin for each vehicle :D

    How? Any small boats I have are trailers. Boat trailers can be in docks or am I misreading this?

    You can buy the utility truck and the boat trailer on the docks, in the rescue dock you can also buy the fly-car. Also, Large Boats are the Big Boats on the docks and the "small" boats would be the boats on HRV w/boat and the Boat Trailer

    What do you mean by searching for the unit? A specific unit inside a station?
    Also the bottom left of the screen isn't an exact indication since from the standard design to the Windows design it changes and in the Window design you can switch the "windows" places

    I left my app open in the drawer and it generated like 3 calls and just stopped even though I kept it there for 20 minutes. Wish you can leave it open like on PC.

    I've been doing that lately xD
    When I go to watch some TV I keep my game open here at the computer and from time to time open the game on my phone and dispatch :D (Missionchief Tips and Tricks 2018)

    It may also have something to do with the number of stations? I'm not sure on this but it's also a possibility
    Because you only have 1 of each boat stations and you have many fire stations and other services?
    This is my theory atm with the information you gave me and my experience. When I started at Portugal I was only making ambulance stations, and until I had about 3-4 fire stations I wouldn rarely get a fire call (about 1 every 30 calls)
    Also when the (small) boats update came out I wasn't getting much calls either until I got 5-6 Water Rescue extensions. After those if I let the game stack calls in the 70 calls I had I would usually have 3-5 light aircraft car in water (quite common)

    That is the best I can come up with.... It has some logic and would explain why I wouldn't get almost any calls when I started at Portugal :D

    Just to be clear, your engine arrives on scene and starts treatment and only then your fly-car arrives? I'm not 100% sure but I think only the first non-ambulance unit does treatment, atleast from what I've seen

    That list must be at least 20 vehicles by now lol....just threw the ideas out as I couldn't find them (I must suck at searching then) Most of what I saw was people mad at y'all not including more cross overed vehicles like the Quint and Rescue Engine. Can't wait one day for this game to officially be done. Y'all take your time, hopefully everyone is patient in waiting on more vehicles, missions and fixes.

    20 isn't even close to the real number :D
    Just on fire stations there must be the 20 you are talking about
    Police and EMS could also have some pretty cool updates :thumbsup:

    If you feel offended it's not my fault. Honestly I'm not going to spend one more second over this. This is a clear example of what someone told me not too long ago about how some people behave on the forum. Their needs must be satisfied and everyone else doesn't matter, and by this I mean in other threads (some of them recent). Also, if I say "A" and you are watching the screen upside down it doesn't turn it into a V, so please stop saying I think my opinion matters more than anyone else and stop trying to shutdown other people ideas (which wasn't even my idea to begin with, but it's not the first time I see this happening)

    That's all you will hear from me, and unless I need to talk with you again, trust me, I won't :thumbup:

    Instead of shortening the time, a better idea is how to transfer employees. The ability to run the alliance mission is reset. every week, large scale alliance mission every 24 hours. This will allow flexible planning of missions for the Alliance.I apologize for my English, I hope I have written it clearly for you.

    That is what I said

    I see what you mean, but instead of doing this 15m change it should be per day, so even if you do it an hour later you could them on time the day after
    About the events... no clue... maybe doing setting it up to reset after every sunday or something? like personnel transfer, maybe that would work?

    Because not everyone can start missions at the same time everyday and it's also nice to mix things up every once in a while

    This is your problem (both of you), you behive like kids, you can't accept a simple joke... Seriously
    I didn't say my opinion matters more than anyone else, it doesn't. Simply you all find reasons on why not to allow this and i'm simply saying that those can have a way around

    “Not making the game easy by any means” ok riddle me this, FREE! building having vehicles in, Surly that’s a easy way out of paying like 700k (for me anyway) for a fire station.

    Also calling it a excuse... Hmm opinions opinions. It’s a highly important fuctional entity within the game which tbh wouldn’t be able to house a vehicle in anyway probs by the looks of things. I’m sure a moderator will be able to clear this up cuz there seems to be a high level of confusion...

    Also your expression of “I'm not asking for the to behave like a fire station, but it would be nice if it could hold let's say 5 command related units such as Batallion Chief and MCV.“ totally contradicts anything you have said. I’m not trying to start arguments but, Calling members responses to a idea a “excuse” really isn’t pleasant and not needed and can provoke a argument being discharged.

    1st - Let's re-answer this because you simply can't read.... The building is free? Yeah... the extension? No? So that means we have to pay to have vehicles parked in that building? It does? WOW =O Mind blowing isn't it? So it's not free after all?

    2nd - That would certainly be a little confusing to store vehicles. Another tab there would be a little confusing, I agree there. But need is the mother of invention so I'm sure that wouldn't be the biggest issue

    3rd - Does it? A fire station has so many different vehicles. It would only be logic for a command building (like the Dispatch Center is) to only have command related units. I'm not asking to have engines and ladders here :rolleyes:

    I mean, I don't know if you just hate Semas because it seems that everytime he shares an idea people dislike his post :/ (A JOKE HERE, DON'T TAKE IT AS A FACT!!!! )
    I can understand why you don't want this to be implemented, I personally would like this because I believe his idea came from a talk we had a few weeks ago, and this makes some sense. Perhaps reducing the number of vehicles at the stations to 3 would be better and the expansion would be 300k. Which costs as much as getting space at a station but it's much better than making a new station just to have 3-5 cars in it

    I was refering to this

    Think we should have least 20 or 30 class rooms in each school after are buildings went up to 50 :thumbsup:

    20-30 classrooms per school.... too much
    I do like the 10 member setup because it's easier to separate people into the classes, but I see your point as I do many times have more people to train than space to :/

    I have been making packs for the game for over an year or so
    I have a large amount of players who use them
    Would I like to see this implemented? Not really
    Sounds really unfair to people who would make a pack for their city for example, while some other player would make for his country and have more players using it

    It's already satisfying to know that we have this amount of people using something we made and they are enjoying it :D

    The whole concept of the game is very interesting. I have been thinking about it and it sounds really cool
    We could have Infantary vehicles, Light Armor, Heavy Armored Vehicles, etc

    My main questions are:

    Would this be basicly missionchief but military? Units "respond" to the mission just like they do here?


    Would Sebastian do it? It seems somewhat completly different from this game and I'm not sure if that many people would play (atleast from start). It would also require a huge time investment from his side which I'm not sure if he has since he already makes updates for 3 games

    Lately I have been trying to play on the phone (other games) and having my MC on the computer, playing both at the same time (I'm kinda experienced in playing 2 games at the same time xD)
    But most of the times I listen to some music or watch videos while playing. When listening to music I will try to do something else, either come and check the forum or making the plan for the stations I'm going to buy, etc (management basicly)
    Sometimes music and talk with other alliance members, either on chat or Discord, it's fun either way :D