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    well folks my Russia pack was a miserable failure as the pictures were way too big that being said would it be possible for such a pack to be made featuring all the emergency vehicle types in the Russian capital here's what they look like hint the ambulance typically used in the Russian capital is a uaz vehicle…cow&fr=mcafee&fr2=piv-web i hope this helps since the game is lacking a Slavic style pack and i would love to see this become a reality as it would be interesting to see :) :thumbsup:

    i have an idea for a police mission since people often go on the run when the commit a major crime why not have Fugitive on the run as a police mission for which you would need 1 police helicopter 1 k9 unit and 1 swat team please let me know what you think

    the purpose of a police sting is to gather info and catch people doing illegal things an example is an officer would buy drugs off a drug dealer undercover of course then he would hand it over the the commanding officer

    I have an idea for a mission type since some people can be lured into certain areas or onto certain websites perhaps there should be a call called police sting operation please let me know what you think there should also be cyber crime calls in the game such as unauthorized access to servers and looking up things that involve criminal acts as more often then not this happens in real life

    since bomb blasts commonly throw cities into chaos there should be a crisis agency for mission chief to help after the bomb blast happens for example as well as military intervention since soldiers often go in after bomb blasts to help rescue people and treat and transport patients to the Hospitals as well as civil defense please let me know what you think

    please check here for an idea and for these calls

    There should also be armed forces for such an event as emergency services would be unable to cope and that would require military intervention case in point

    I have an idea for an alliance mission since there were many pandemics throughout history like the spanish flu Sars and many others perhaps there should be a pandemic for an alliance mission please let me know what you think also I am extremely smart when it comes to viruses and bacteria

    I have an awesome idea since most people live in apartments especially when they move out there should be an apartment fire call which would require 2 police cars 1 mobile command vehicle 2 battalion chief units 7 fire trucks 2 platform trucks and since people are often injured in such fires there should be a minimum 5 patients maximum 9 patients for which you would need an ambulance please let me know what you think

    I have an idea for a vehicle type since some fire departments are starting to get them why not have the co2 tanker truck as a unit details here;_ylt=A2KLj.oyrLhY_X4AnkvtFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsZ29xY3ZzBHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEc2xrA2J1dHRvbg--;_ylc=X1MDMjExNDcyMTAwNQRfcgMyBGFjdG4DY2xrBGJjawNiYnUzZjM5Y2JoMWhwJTI2YiUzRDMlMjZzJTNEcXYEY3NyY3B2aWQDUVFMZnVEY3lMak8xLkc4YVdMaUdPUUk1TWpZd053QUFBQURoaFp2QgRmcgNtY2FmZWUEZnIyA3NhLWdwBGdwcmlkA0xrRGttdTRwUjNDY0o1TE1FY2xxTUEEbXRlc3RpZANudWxsBG5fc3VnZwMwBG9yaWdpbgNjYS5pbWFnZXMuc2VhcmNoLnlhaG9vLmNvbQRwb3MDMARwcXN0cgMEcHFzdHJsAwRxc3RybAMyNgRxdWVyeQNjbzIgdGFua2VyIHRydWNrIGZpcmUgZmRueQR0X3N0bXADMTQ4ODQ5Nzc0MgR2dGVzdGlkA251bGw-?gprid=LkDkmu4pR3CcJ5LMEclqMA&pvid=QQLfuDcyLjO1.G8aWLiGOQI5MjYwNwAAAADhhZvB&p=co2+tanker+truck+fire+fdny&fr=mcafee&

    i have an idea for a mission type since this is a tragic thing might i suggest house hold cleaner accident as a call since some times some one my drink bleach by accident thinking its some thing they can drink for this call a fly car should be sent first then the ambulance and there should be a 90 percent chance the person will need to be hospitalized please let me know what you think