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    we are looking to recruit people who wish to protect all people of the united states from various disasters we don't care where your from all are welcome

    this group looks to turn back time to the good old days of the cold war

    here's the mascot his name is burt and he is a turtle remember folks disasters may happen at anytime are you willing to help others no matter what if so this group is for you

    I have an amazing idea since sometimes due to stupidity lack upkeep and other factors why not have a chem plant poi and it could generate the Toxic gas leak call gases like Chlorine Phosgene and ammonia can be released and since these clouds drift people can be Traumatized depending on where the gas clouds are blown to

    Well since when was it a good idea to have patrol cars and k-9 units no longer transport prisoners what a terrible idea where am i going to send them now there has to be a solution please rethink this idea as it created a revolving door system for the sake of public safety as regards calls please i am begging you to fix the prisoner transport issue for good before the situation becomes anarchistic you you you :cursing:

    I wish to report a malfunction the malfunction is when i have units on scene the call wont be completed which is seriously annoying can you please investigate and correct this so this is no longer an issue it is :cursing: horrible

    i have an idea since many major cities in the states have one why not have an FBI field office as a station you can build and also FBI units such as the FBI hostage rescue teams and in the future if there is hostage in office building call they can be put to good use please let me know what you think also have FBI units needed for the bomb explosion alliance mission

    i have an idea for the bomb explosion mission that would make it realistic since bomb explosions injure massive amounts of people why not have min 30 max 50 patients at the bomb explosion call and patient transport chance should be 100% and there should be some fatalities which should in the future require the medical examiner and the morgue as well as k-9 units and massive amounts of ambulances maybe sounds of people screaming and crying and also radio chatter.

    I have an idea the swat teams should be able to make arrests in cases where there are extremely dangerous people

    examples here and here
    please let me know what you think perhaps there should even be more missions which require swat teams for example after a bomb blast they usually look for the suspects responsible and the swat teams should be able to transport prisoners as well

    I have an idea once the prison is built and has the needed expansions and upgrades there should be a criminal record database in the game so you can keep an eye on former inmates perhaps a justice system with a court house that can be built after all the police can't be effective without a justice system that includes a court house the prisoners should be held and you can set a trial date and even convict them for various things perhaps even set the length of a trial by setting a timer please let me know what you think

    Since this happens more often then not schizoid embolism should be a medical mission/police mission due to the fact schizophrenic people usually become violent patient transport should be at 100 and there should be barricaded persons call that it expands to and there should be a 100 percent chance of prisoners with the barricaded persons call please let everyone know what you think

    i have a great idea since some times the bank robbers cover gets blown thanks to big brother why make a change to it bank robbery surveillance system because big brother picks up images of the robbers and trips the alarm usually via camera also people should have to be taken prisoner after the robbery is ended and there should be hostage situation which should have patients and the transport chance for them should be 100 percent as some of them get shop or stabbed by the robbers please let me know what you think

    i have an idea for an alliance event since the Ebola outbreak in west Africa might i suggest something in the line of Deadly Disease outbreak for which you would need a massive hazmat response and a massive police and ems response since there maybe a breakdown of social order swat teams should be involved and it should spawn events like mass riots since people will be terrified and you would need coroners and a morgue at the hospitals and also military units and even a mash unit that you can set up that works as a staging area since the armed forces are often involved in such cases as they send in military police and impose military curfew please let me know what you think of these ideas.