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    i have a great idea since some times the bank robbers cover gets blown thanks to big brother why make a change to it bank robbery surveillance system because big brother picks up images of the robbers and trips the alarm usually via camera also people should have to be taken prisoner after the robbery is ended and there should be hostage situation which should have patients and the transport chance for them should be 100 percent as some of them get shop or stabbed by the robbers please let me know what you think

    i have an idea for an alliance event since the Ebola outbreak in west Africa might i suggest something in the line of Deadly Disease outbreak for which you would need a massive hazmat response and a massive police and ems response since there maybe a breakdown of social order swat teams should be involved and it should spawn events like mass riots since people will be terrified and you would need coroners and a morgue at the hospitals and also military units and even a mash unit that you can set up that works as a staging area since the armed forces are often involved in such cases as they send in military police and impose military curfew please let me know what you think of these ideas.

    :!: I have an idea folks what if we could Collaborate to create an animated graphics pack featuring all the emergency vehicles used in the Russian capital Moscow i know i have tried and failed miserably but if we put our minds together we can create one of the best animated graphics packs ever who's with me? :?:

    I have a fantastic idea for those looking to buy things like ambulance buses an Auction feature that way you can have the option of getting such vehicles by bidding for them please let me know what you think of this suggestion

    I have an idea since there is a revolving door justice system in place why not have a prison included and after the morgue is built and the training is complete there should be in the case of in the future homicides a death row for the prison and their should be two options gas chamber or lethal injection in the prison also there should be a parole board system to determine weather or not the prisoner stays behind bars or goes free

    i have an idea for an alliance event Hurricane and you should be able to select what cat its going to be and yes it should be resource intensive as regards units especially boats please let me know what you think :!:

    I have a complaint the the problem is i have set up the required points of interest required for light aircraft crash on river and light aircraft crash on lake but i am not getting said calls i think this is a major bug can you please alert the creator? :cursing:

    since this does happen like with lead based paints and other dangerous house hold products why not have Lead poisoning as an incident type for example if caused by ingestion its just one patient if by dust or fumes multiple patients this incident should require a fly car and an ambulance or ambulances depending on the number of patients transport chance should be at 100% since if left untreated lead poisoning can be fatal details here

    I have an idea perhaps swift water rescue should be offered as a course at police academies since the police often get to an emergency as regards something like a car in a river or a car in a lake perhaps give swat teams swift water rescue training since in the big apple they would get there first

    and swift water rescue role for police helicopter like this
    please let me know what you think