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    I believe I fixed it by restarting my computer. that just occurred to me after I got finished readjusting all of the settings that the last update changed randomly. so maybe it was something in the last windows update didn't sit right.

    I am currently having trouble dispatching units. when I go into my dispatch window it won't pull up my arrs and also won't let me select or dispatch units. this has been happening for the past couple of days on and off with different missions and now it's to the point that the game is almost unplayable for me.

    they could also add a medical examiner van and a police version of the investigation units. the M.E. units could be attached to either a morgue add on to the hospitals or as it's own building. and the investigation units would be an addon to the police departments and could be paired with a detective unit. you could call it an investigation division. these could be used either by adding them to existing missions or even better by adding new missions like homicide or multiple homicide.

    I thought of some possible police calls for the game.
    shots fired(could include medical support)
    bank robbery
    high speed chase
    enforcing a search warrant
    arrest in progress
    explosion (would require fire and perhaps medical support)
    missing person/kidnapping
    prison escape