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    i can't believe i just got me that copter station and now my brand-new Med-Trans took off from Downtown Manhattan Heliport to respond to a nosebleed ... :S :S :S

    and the reason why is that i simply have no idea how to invest my credits in an useful way coz this game offers nothing interesting anymore to me.

    sounds like u better post in a german forum dude ...
    i've no idea what u wanna say :S

    anyway, i was just thinking about that copter again and noticed that there is no medic school,
    soooo i guess the copter will work similar to an ambulance?

    and assuming i might be right the efficiency issue at 1.3 mio becomes paramount to me ...

    well, sebastian, having said that how about telling us more about your thoughts & ideas and why you put that copter in the game?

    the prob is that u can't earn big credits with this investment,
    transport to hospital pays 750 (on the german version)
    so u better invest 1 mio credits somewhere else,
    and the copter is another 300k btw ...

    WOOOOOWWWW a new building for US :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    i thought the american mirror is just dead in the water,
    so now i am soooooo happy that something seems to get moving again :love:

    BUT WHY for god's sake did you pick the most expensive most useless item of all ???

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    ok, i give up, back to the german side of life :saint:

    all except the utility unit coz it does exactly the same like the heavy rescue.
    my biggest mission so far is the gas station where u need all special units but heavy rescue twice

    i just heard the news about the map update which may take a week ...

    so does this mean we will be offline during that time? =O

    or lagging like hell thx2 cdn?

    since the german version seems to be down atm i just registered here starting from scratch...
    as an american/german player i choose NYC of course and put my first fire station at the 9/11 memorial,
    and now every third mission takes place in the Hudson River,
    leaves burning, trash bins, everything ...

    i never had that experience on the german version, maybe because i have no big rivers or lakes at my positions,
    just wondering if this is a bug or feature :))

    can anybody confirm this?

    Yep there will be more vehicles.
    Also yep! The missions will move (after 24-28 hours).

    half year later ...

    hy sebastian,

    any news on this issue or are you too busy with the german Leitstellenspiel?
    i just started Missionchief since Leitstellenspiel seems to be down a bit longer...
    soooo i wonder what are your plans with this english version since it looks much less complex at first sight.