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    I really love it. Using this in the german version was great as long as I'd installed it. After rebooting PC I had to install chrome again so until now I didn't had the time to reinstall it.

    Lost you're a genius.

    Best wishes


    For the germans this system is very good.

    And I'm really with you that the german system sounds not so good for an american/ other not germans.

    But if you live in germany you wouldn't know the difficulty of this german system. Only if you want to know something about it you can learn the full german rescue system in his thoguhts and principle, you could learn it on under 10 minutes.

    I hate writing english on my PC . Every freaking word is underlined in red because it isn't german :/

    I don't have any problems to explain someone the german rescue system. If you want to know anything you could ask me or simply use the holy mother google :D



    Maybe you're right.

    But in Germany the THW isn't the same like the the fire departments.

    The fire departments have the same units but not as specificated as the THW has.

    The people (Called Assistants or the direct translated word from the german one helper :D )

    All of them are working for free in her free time. The cars/equipment/Stations are all financed by the german government.

    There are more than 660 stations called Ortsverbände. 8 Landesverbände (Very big stations for the german states. Not every of the 16 states have an own because some states put together to create a Landesverband)

    There are 66 stations which are only for administration/ management)

    To understand the use of the THW you have to know the german departments of public secure.

    The fire brigades have the task to safe humans , animals and other real values. The most important priority is saving and rescuing live.
    They extinguish fires , rescuing and helping and hazardous emergencys.
    The most fire departments have only volunteer firefighters. They are normal persons with jobs or other things to do.
    Cities have to have a Berufsfeuerwehr. That are big stations where are paid firefighters are working. Most BF (Translator helped me :D professional fire departments) are giant. They got fitness rooms, sometimes an own sporthall , most times an own kitchen. They got very much cars like 50 or 60 cars / trailers, containers. So if needed they can take the needed equipment/cars to the response.

    Firedepartments, ambulances and emergency doctors... (don't know if there is a word for the rescue of human with paramedics),police are a thing of the cities. The state can pay some special vehicles but only very less (That is the disaster control organisation) The state also can pay private organisations (Like DRK german Red cross , Malteser, Johaniter, ASB ) to help in the disaster control. But they are mostly only helping with medical aid. The cities can pay this organisations to take the ambulances in the cities (Then the city don't have to buy own ambulances---> cost 200000€ per ambulance)

    So to come back to the THW .

    The first ideas was that the THW has only to do the civil defense. I know this sounds a little bit like military. But not defense in the meaning of weapon defense. If it could get to a war in germany (Hope this will never be the case... we got too much wars ) the THW would be there to rescue and help people. In this case the THW has immunity. They can't be attacked or it would be a crime. It sounds very confusing but this where the thoughts after started the THW in 1950 .

    After years and years the THW was more and more used for disaster control .

    So for this the THW built the units. The units are much more intensive equiped like the normal fire departments. The THW will be called by the ''battalion'' which is called Einsatzleiter in germany.

    Not every station of THW has every unit. They are distribute to the stations. (There are more used Fgr. and less used like the Bridge construction group)

    So maybe you understand the thoughts from THW and that it is as structured as it is today.



    So I can tell you some Units called Fachgruppe (Fgr is the short form)

    Fgr. Führung/Kommunikation (This unit is for koordination , command and communication)
    This unit has many vehicles like normal cars, a big truck (like an mcv ) a trailer with the same funktion.
    There are more ''subunits'' like:
    Weitverkehrstrupp . It's an unit for creating, supporting own telecommunication with an antenna truck (A truck with an antenna which can deployed to a high of over 40meter) different types of trucks for carrying material like cable , or relais stations)

    Fgr. Bergung I (like a rescue but a little bit smaller)
    Fgr Bergung II (its the same like the first Bergung but it's much more specific. With much bigger and more detailed equipment like different types of weld torches (is it called weld torch. It's for cutting metal pieces with heat))
    Fgr. Beleuchtung (A unit for making light. It has much equipment to make light and also the equipment to supply the things with energy)
    Fgr. Wassergefahren(This unit has boats with a metal hull and it is bigger than a dinghi (If you want to know what it is search for a Mehrzweckboot)
    Fgr. Wasserschaden/Pumpen (Carrying much types and sizes of pumps for flood with a trailer with a pumping capacity of 15000 liters in a minute ---> more than 3900 gallons (US ) in a minute)
    Fgr. Elektroversorgung (For making electricity. This unit has a mobile generator which has min. 200 KvA and a truck with much more little generators and cable)
    Fgr. Infrastruktur (To help the Elektroversorgung and creating infrastructure systems like water supply or waste pipes)
    Fgr. Ortung A/B (This unit is for searching people after earthquakes for example. This units have rescue dogs or another type of technical search systems)
    Fgr. Ölschaden (there are different types of this unit but all will be used to handle oil spillage. Example: A oil tanker in the harbour is loosing oil. This unit is specialized for this cases . It has a barricade and a container to clear the water from the oil (It pumps the water/oil into it, cleans it and then it pumps the cleaned water back)=
    Fgr. Räumen (This unit is for moving dirt. It has a truck with a carry space (for dirt or other things) and a excavator)
    Fgr. Logistik (It has 3 types. The first is for carrying and cooking food for units at the call. The second is for repairing equipment at the scene. The third type is only for carrying needed material (empty trucks that can be loaded with needed things)
    Fgr. Brückenbau (For creating bridges. If after a hurricane a brigde is broken this unit can build a new one in short time )
    Fgr Sprengen (for blasting things)

    Important: Each unit has different vehicles. Many units have also different types of the unit.

    And also international units.


    But I don't believe that you learned / learn german as much as a german student has to do.

    I relly need every chance to improve my english because I have big dreams and aims in the future

    That with the timezone was only to tell you that I'm happy that someone is online when I'm online


    Thank you for the informations.

    Ah that's good. The last administration was mostly american. As they got 20 o'clock I was sleeping since many hours.

    I don't know you well but I have to tell that you made a very good first impression to me.

    I'm happy that there is an hopefully active and very important that you're near to the german time zone.

    You're in the Greenwich time zone (GMT), aren't you ?

    Got a question for you to improve my english skills. So how do you find my english ?



    Thank you very much.
    In the past I wanted to help Director Hayes with the advertisement team.
    There was only one big problem
    The time zones...
    He did conversations . At 3 am in Germany :/
    So I wasn't there most time.

    Sounds like the leave of Director Hayes wasn't the thought of Sebastian and other admins.

    I know that Sebastian has a lot to do in the german version. This man has to get a medal :D

    Hey guys.

    I wasn't here a long time.

    So I saw that much happened. Director Hayes isn't here any longer ?

    It would be very nice and polite if you could tell me what happened here.

    I don't mean things like new innovations or cars. I mean things like new administration/leading. Informations about the game future. '

    I have to excuse my bad english. I'm german, my computer is underlining my full text in red (Language is german so if I write english it says everything is wrong :/ ). And as told I am german :D

    Best wishes


    THW is a german agency.

    Translated it means Federal agency of technical relief.

    It is a national organisation and it has two or three units called SEEBA , SEEWA and one more that is for cargo operations.

    SEEBA means : Schnelleinsatzeinheit Bergung Ausland (Fast response task force rescue international)
    SEEWA means : Schnelleinsatzeinheit Wasserversorgung Ausland (Fast response task force drinking-water supply international)

    In Germany there are much more units like : different types of Rescue groups , Energy, Waterrescue and many more
    ---> But these Units are most time national used. Sometimes they can drive to neighbour countries

    My thoughts are it takes so long to get the money due to you don't get much for each call.

    I know that it needs some time but I can tell you, that it isn't as hard as you think. I also play in the german version and I already earned over 60.000.000

    The calls sound good to me and cant wait for the updates to come out. The one thing i wish though was that departments weren't so expensive. I haven't built an ambulance station due to that or a hospital due to the fact that you have to pay for each additon to it.

    I don't think that they are too expensive. The prices are ok.

    If the game should get more members , someone (like an advertisement team ) has to advertise on different platforms.

    Facebook is very important. But also youtube is important. With tutorials, gameplays or news.

    If there has to be a change, every possible type of advertising has to be taken.

    I don't know if Sebastian says yes to that, but what are you thinking about an little ad on the german forum ?

    I have an Idea.

    What are you thinking about adding an difference between engine types (Adding new types) Water Tender or general tenders .

    It would be nice if at emergency calls are different mounts of water are needed.

    An burning leave doesn't need as much water as an Harverster Fire.

    Sorry for my bad english but I am from Germany and my computer language is german so the full text is underlined in red. This is very confusing