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    as far as i was aware we in the UK use a grade of 1-5 not A-E.

    The following is Quoted from Wiki (Better viewed in th photo) This shows the UK uses a grading of 1-5 not A-E

    Responses in the United Kingdom
    Whilst MPDS uses the determinants to provide a recommendation as to the type of response that may be appropriate, some countries use a different response approach. For example, in the United Kingdom, typically all front-line emergency ambulances have advanced life support trained crews, meaning that the ALS/BLS distinction becomes impossible to implement. Instead, each individual response code is assigned to one of several categories, as determined by the Government, with associated response targets for each.
    Response Determinant NHS England Clinical Response Model
    Also known as
    Target Response Time
    Category 1
    Life Threatening Illnesses or Injuries
    Nearest Advanced Life Support Crew*
    Within 7 minutes on average, within 15 minutes 90% of the time
    Category 2
    Emergency Calls
    Emergency Ambulance Response** or Clinical Callback within 20 minutes
    Within 18 minutes on average, within 40 minutes 90% of the time
    Category 3
    Urgent Calls
    Emergency Ambulance Response or Clinical Callback within 60 minutes
    Within 2 hours 90% of the time
    Category 4
    Less Urgent Calls
    Non-emergency Ambulance Response
    Within 3 hours 90% of the time
    Category 5
    Less Urgent Calls
    Telephone Triage within 120 minutes or Referral to other service
    * This may include an emergency ambulance, a rapid response car, ambulance officers, or specialist crews e.g. HART. Other basic life support responses may also be sent, e.g. Community First Responder.
    ** If an emergency ambulance is unlikely to reach the patient within the average response time, a rapid response car and/or Community First Responder may also be dispatched.
    The exact nature of the response sent may vary slightly between Ambulance Trusts. Following a Category 2, 3, or 5 telephone triage, the patient may receive an ambulance response (which could be Category 1-4 depending on the outcome of the triage), may be referred to another service or provider, or treatment may be completed over the phone.
    Response Determinant NHS Wales Pilot Clinical Response Model[citation needed]
    Immediately Life Threatening
    Multiple Vehicle Dispatch - Lights and Siren
    Emergency Response
    AMBER 1 and 2
    Life-Threatening / Serious Calls
    Lights and Siren
    Emergency Response
    GREEN 2 and 3
    All other calls
    Face-to-face response - Clinical telephone assessment
    Non-Emergency Response

    I would also like to put the option to delete a staging area early as, in my alliance there can be upwards of 50 everyday and it can be hard to find certain ones sometimes.

    didn't think of that one. But if you added the option to delete it. There should be a cooling offing period before being allowed to build another one. This is to avoid people using them stupidly etc etc.

    Is there a way or could there be a away to remove police cells from stations. instead of deleting it and rebuilding it. as there is a few stations i have built what dont really have cells in them. thanks

    May add im not bothered about a refund for building them just a feature to remove them.

    sorry for double post not sure how to create a longoer post


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    Not sure who owns theses, i have collected them over the months etc etc. credit goes to those who made them.


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    believe it or not NWAS publish theres on the web. As I use it myself haha. If you google NWAS locations it will bring the map up. But some of them you have to use Google maps or another map to view them on the street etc etc as there not always displayed on openstreetmaps.