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    Calls spawn on roads regardless and vehicle accidents tend to happen on roads. There's no need to have a "road" POI.

    Im not talking just plain old "roads" i am talking thruways... high traffic areas.. highways.. ... Places that you catch alot of tractor trailers and big rigs

    How about adding in more POIS that can spawn in different types of car wrecks missions ? LIke

    Maybe a thruway POI that can lead to 4 car pile ups..
    tractor trailer accident ( Light, Severe etc)
    Traffic pile up ( would need like a few patrol cars)
    Plane crash on the thruway

    Can somebody explain to me what the new EMS Rescue is for?, Is it basically a heavy with EMS capability? Or basically like a utility with ems manpower?

    SOOO... i havent ever done these missions but ill get a group of these popping up saying i did them ....................""The security guard "Smoke Detector Check, Cherry Valley Turnpike, 13084 Town of Onondaga" has been successfully carried out. Receive 384 Credits."".. NOT COMPLAINING free credit is free credit but i dont think thats normal...

    So i have noticed with the follow up option that when you cancel a unit from one call it cancels the unit from both the original Alarm and the follow up Alarm .. In a future update could it be made so if you cancel them from the first alarm that they will just respond the the follow up alarm?

    SO this might sound stupid .. but maybe making an abillity to respond back to the station to get another piece of apparatus (ex) a tanker responding back to the station from a warehouse fire for a heavy rescue for a mva with entrapment ..

    I wanted to say it like that.. but i didnt know how many people would understand what condition white would mean

    So Is there any chance we could make a Farm POI that could have some kinda of farm calls connected to it ....As well as making a POI for highrise, industrial and commercial buildings? i know those three are already calls.. but maybe just some POIS so they arent showing up in the middle of a forest or corn field....

    and lastly maybe an apartment POI? that could lead to burglarys, room fires, alarm activations, gas leak/ CO calls

    Maybe in a future update .. make an ability to choose what response level we would like the responding apparatus too .. EX light, no .. take your time etc...

    I'm just wondering why in the world would a Platform truck be required at a MVA rollover? Seems ridiculous to me...

    ALSO food for thought, they may use the aerial on the ladder and some kinda of cabling to slowly easily get the car ( how ever its rolled over) back on to all 4's