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    Mine was called for a high rise fire???
    That would be in an area with hydrants..

    Actually Churches, and some schools can be classified as a hiserise.. all depends on the fire district ... and the building contrusction

    If this is a call in the game feel free to say so. Now i was thinking for a new joint ems-fire-police call maybe a Full arrest ? that would require a fly car, 1 pd unit , ambulance, and a Type 1 engine OR Heavy rescue/utility unit to respond. I dont know about all of you guys but in the departments around here, where i live. Fire depts are activated with Ems and Police to respond to all Priority 1/ Echo calls( Higher Priority calls) to assist the ambulance

    A second idea call also ems that i had in my mind was a status check .. that could need a Type 1 engine ( forcible entry), 1 police unit and one ambulance

    Could water tankers/Tenders be implimented into more missions? Also any chance of a Engine/ tanker duo in a future update?

    I know we have a quint engine..but what about a quint ladder truck ? That could run in place of a platform truck ? ...

    Second idea.. in real life situations with big fires there tends to be a rehab unit maybe for ems we could add in a rehab unit ?

    so for a new call i was thinking maybe a meth lab discovery for a police call... or a meth lab explosion for a fire related call with possible need for ems for burns to a patient

    I know in the game we have Bomb explosions for a mission, how ever in real life i know alot of fire depts go on "possible explosions ' that dont always deal with bombs.. some are fake call ins, bottle rockets exploding, fireworks. and some end in a propane tank or car exploding and ending in a vehicle or some kinda of fire.. so is it possible to have more possible explosion mission in the game? some that can be false alarms and some that require a heavy response? but not as heavy as the bomb explosion mission ?

    Emergency management cars.. or em cars as we call them up here the role of EM is to oversees the operation standpoint and is more of a command for fire chiefs in a large scale incident ... i believe they also do fire investigation

    through playing the game a lil i think it be cool to have a brush unit who would go to wildland and tree fires..
    Also maybe a Emergency management car? and they could go to big calls (hazardous calls, highrise,) working fire related calls basically

    i think it be cool to have calls like alarm activations( that can lead to house fires, room fires,industrials,etc ) or that our false alarms
    also maybe for fires. maybe electrical fires? wall fires, lightning strikes, ?