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    That's a lot of money. You must have a huge setup or have you reset recently because your earnings are only 2.5m credits and if you did reset, you'd have lost all your coins anyway so why does it matter? I would hope you aren't lying about spending so much money; I'd be hard pressed to find anyone in the world who'd spend that on a game like this.

    Most of the 50k was spent on fully upgrading my hospitals, giving myself four HEMS Helicopters, moving everything From the US to the UK then back to the US then Back to the UK, On Alliance building e.g. finishing hospital upgrades and finishing missions that I didn't have enough units for and releasing patients early. I would also just buy Coin just for the sake of it. Mainly because I made me find better if I was having a bit of a shitty day. And it would be like "hey guys like at this brand new fully kitted out Fire Station, ambulance Station, Hospital or even buying Four HEMS Helicopters. I am messed up in the head I know.

    I have a question and I will try not a swear in it. Why have you made it so that players how have spent nearly 4 years playing this game have to start all over again. I spent four years playing and spent over £50k on coins. Just to be F***ing slapped in the face and told that you will have to make a whole F***ing new account to play on the UK version. OVER 50 F***ING K ON COIN WHAT FOR.