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    It seems that 8/10 times a fire alarm turns out to be an actual working fire, etc. However realistically only 2/10 fire alarms ever turn out to be anything but a faulty sensor or trouble in the system. Maybe we could change the variable to make this more realistic?

    It would be great to add customization to better the unit assignment for vegetation fire assignments by adding a "brush engine" option. As well as sending a maximum of one truck so that you don't inadvertently get a response from both a quint and truck to the same fire, therefore holding up resources. Thanks!

    while I like the idea, the game mainly likes to focus on realism.

    Well you are talking to a real firefighter that has had to wait up to an hour and a half in hospitals while waiting for a bed. If you look up patient abandonment it is the failure to turn over to a person that holds the same, or higher certification as you. In this case if you just left, you will, not would, but will be charged with abandonment until that hospital is able to receive your patient. Maybe it isn't hour every time. I think you all get the point now.

    1. If I was able to make my own selection of calls that my alliance receives I not only would be able to suite it to the local protocol but also what is realistic in my county. Getting 5 warehouse fires and 1 medical aid is not even close to realistic.

    2. I can care less if chlorine leaks happen or not, the point in case being is that personally myself and the others of my alliance have discussed making specific call types and alarm models that suite the alliance needs as previously mentioned.

    3. From my point of standing it would have no effect on the the credit system as if set up correctly, would have no possible way to make it so that my alliance get's 10 to 1 large scale calls compared to the smaller ones. If anything I would have it so that there are much more frequent calls requiring less resources and less large scale incidents stretching resources thin.

    This is just my view point on where things could hopefully be figured out one day. It would be a feature that set's mission chief way apart of the many other programs like it offering a unique function.

    Can we just have the ability to create our own missions? After reading the last mission update "Chlorine Leak" I had to just face palm at the fact that I have never even heard of such a call ever happening in the cities I am surrounded by. Any thoughts?? Surely it couldn't be that difficult to add this type of UI.

    Tankers are not needed in urban areas as mentioned, therefore adding a tanker to more calls in urban areas is not only unrealistic but requires that crew to be occupied with a needless task.

    My first question is if the amount of personal on scene makes the call go any faster? My second question is if the Calls start to require more and more resources as you build more stations. The reason I ask this last one is because an "Unknown Tanker Spill" usually required 1 Hazmat but now requires two? A "Warehouse Fire" required 3 air units, I only had two at the time and so I bought another, but now it requires 4? Any thoughts on this??

    I believe this should definitely entail more than 1 or two firetrucks. Rather, 1x Battalion Chief, 4x Engines, 1x Water Tender, 2x Police
    Also instead of saying "little" wild/field/forest fire, might I suggest Vegetation Fire - Low, Vegetation Fire - Medium, Vegetation Fire - High