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    The LSS-Manager will be offline for about three hours due to someone feeling cool with changing our german missionHelper. We are sorry for all of you that you habe to feel the consequenses.

    Hello together,
    We decided to create a global Discord for all versions of the game:


    We have individual chats for each of the three languages but of course you can stray around in the other channels.
    The goal is to bring the three communities closer together and possibly even to inspire one or the other for the other two games.

    Also the Thread grants you brand new information on the following topics:

    • News in the Forum
    • News on the LSS-Manager
    • Support by other Players
    • Once avaiable also game updates
    • News from german and dutch Forum

    We're trying to create a great Community. That's why we also created a channel for suggestions related to the Server.

    The Server is run by the LSS-Manager-Team and some volunteer Moderators (Note that we're still searching for more EN-Based Staff.)

    Here is our Invite Link:

    Greetings Jan and the Team!

    Every second moving is free. That is made so that you can adjust the position for free if you have moved to a location that is not so efficient.
    Tip: Don't move dispatch centers. Instead destroy the building and rebuild it on the new location for free.

    What about asking in our LSS-Manager Thread???

    It seams as Cloudflare had some Problems and so had the LSSM.

    And Please please please shorten either LSSM or LSS-Manager or LSS Manager.
    Don't use LSS as a shortening as it is the abbreviation for the german game version. Thank you!

    Yeah I meant the cancel Button.
    Then you have to take the challenge not to alarm this vehicle. I think that makes the game a bit more difficult and this is good as its not just simple alarming but also having a look on wether the vehicle is really avaiable.

    I think, the main reason for having those differences at vehicles and calls is the huge difference between german and US Emergency System. Just a simple reason with huge effect for the game.
    There is also a dutch Version it has more calls than missionchief but also less than leitstellenspiel. This is also because of a different emergency system and because of how old the game is.

    Yes, there may be feautures in leitstellenspiel that you may would like to see here but its the same the other way round. For example we are requesting this nice grey field in the alliance members list. It is in missionchief, it is in meldkamerspel but not in leitstellenspiel.

    I think Sebastian mainly goes after german community as it's his language so communicating is very easy.
    I don't know how much he knows dutch but probably he "ignores" dutch request the most.

    That's my point of view why we got those differences.

    Jan :)

    I think the thing with the coins (move building for free once a week and getting a reward for achievements) is critical, as we are already getting enough coins at special events in my eyes. The coins should keep being a special currency that is not that easy to get. And so should moving the building should keep costing (It already costs only every second time) coins, and only coins.

    About the personell thing: If you got a premium account you can set a goal and let the game hire automatic until this amount is reached.

    According to the TOS it is forbidden.
    It is currently tolerated if the accounts are not used to help eachothers but theres no guarantee that that will stay and it is still forbidden in the TOS!

    can rename your staff already.
    Go on the station and click "Show" next to where the amount of personnel is

    Then u can press the pen at right end of each staff member

    Here u can edit the name of your employee.

    Greetings Jan :)