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    Now it depends what type of response time there is, If the department is paid (Full-Time) Volunteer (Firefighters respond to the station in their pov's. Now If someone had called 911 sooner or later then state police would have been dispatched, or the local police department. Now like i said it all in depends, see how it works here near me they will send the law enforcement or state police is already in the area and this vehicle was maybe involved into a traffic pursuit. But please dont get me wrong this happens everywhere and it all depends what type of call it is.

    It is with heavy hearts that we report to you that Officer Janice Lovins Wood of the Amelia, Ohio Police Department passed away today, May 28, 2016 after her battle with cancer. She is survived by her Husband, who is an Ohio Police Chief. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, both blood and blue. Officer Lovins, as you now patrol the streets of Heaven, please keep a vigilant watch over your Brother's and Sister's in Blue.
    Amelia Police Department
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    We are almost at 24 hours since the release of the new missions. I'd like to know what you all think of them

    Now Hayes, Will the missions show up on how many stations you have or not because i have 7 stations and not had 1 of the new missions pop up yet.

    It runs for 3 hours, which is not bad for a big alliance but like @DoctorWho said if you have the manpower and the right equipment to deal with the calls i think you are good. But i think we should keep this feature as well its really great "Called the Storm".

    Allow ambulances and police cars to patrol chosen area on map. where i live AMR ambulances dont have stations, they are on patrol in every city driving around until a call comes in 24/7 and same with police. they patrol to. kinda why its called a "Patrol car"

    Now the whole ems patroling, thats either they are Private contracted or Actucaly contracted with the city fire departments, I may be wrong but down in new york state EMS either drive around or in their station that they had gotten built by the county but like i said i may be wrong.

    It is with heavy hearts that we report to you that Officer Stephen Cieslak of the Aurora Police Department, Ohio, passed away on Friday, April 22, 2016. Officer... Cieslak served as a field training officer for newly hired cadets and had been with the Aurora Police Department for more than 20 years. He's remembered as a committed, hard-working officer who loved his job and was dedicated to his community and family. He will be greatly missed by his loving Wife and two children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, both blood and blue. Officer Cieslak, as you now patrol the streets of Heaven, may you continue your vigilant watch over your brothers and sisters in blue. We thank you for your service and we promise to NEVER forget you! ‪#‎AHeroRememberedNeverDies‬

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    true, its alot of units, but its very realistic. in real life when police hear the word active shooter they start responding from everywhere getting over 50 units on scene

    When the police hear a "Active Shooter" 911 center's will start dispatching units, if this person is to be dangering people, then from there they will contact SWAT and everything. But some areas may dispatch the whole state of PD and get them on scene to deal with the active shooter. Now what i mean by "Dangering people" If that shooter takes someone hostage or kills lots of people and the 911 caller stated that people are down then thats a different story. But i don't think ive seen more then 50 units on scene of an active shooter thats the whole state right there. PD only need 7 cars on scene. When the dispatcher says "Active Shooter" They either mean someone is discharging a firearm or actully discharging their firearm at someone then the PD go from there.

    FINAL FAREWELL: Family, friends and fellow firefighters said goodbye to Prince George's County firefighter John "Skillet" Ulmschneider as he was laid to rest. He was fatally shot while on duty responding to a welfare check call at a home. He was praised for his selflessness and remembered with love:

    Every 53 hours of the day both first responders save and protect their community to make sure everything is ok. these 2 men of PGFD made that choice to do their job and make sure everyone is ok. 1 of them is alive the other one made an ultimate sacrifice to their family, friends and the people he saved that does not even know.

    We train everyday and everyhour to make sure we got the right time and requirements to do the job.

    Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the friends and families of Prince George's County firefighters, FF/Paramedic John Ulmschneider and Kevin Swain.

    FF/Paramedic John Umschneider was killed in the Line of Duty yesterday after being shot while responding to a check the welfare call.

    His partner, Kevin Swain was also shot and is being treated for those wounds.

    John was a 13 year veteran of the PGC and leaves behind his wife and children.

    May He Rest In Peace.

    I worked with these men and its sad to hear a brother killed in a line of duty may he RIP now.

    Was just thinking something you know how 911 first responders has the option to flip you're lights and sirens on. That would be something to put into missionchief it would be cool but at the time you are responding to a call and you might put on a non-emergant response to the scene. i mean something to talk about doing something like this.

    hi everyone,

    My name is kyle, i have been with the fire department for over 3 1/2 years now, am a full time senior firefighter/EMT-Advanced with the prince george county fire department and EMS side of things. i love going out with friends onto the shooting range and just have fun. Am also from new york which is a big problem for me.