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    These vehicles were not created to completely replace FD HazMat units. They were designed to augment them. As far as the AAR's, they will always be sent as the game recognizes them (as a hazmat), therefore a custom AAR will need to be created. This situation occurs with EVERY combination unit.

    I will close this thread. However, the idea for the resource to be added to the French version must be transcribed to the proper forum, as that dev group is separate.

    Police missions that spawn are based off of station numbers not training. If you have 6 police stations, the game will recognize that and begin to send you missions requiring special equipment regardless of whether or not you have bought or trained for them.

    This is not a bad idea, however for implementation and use purposes, I'm not sure if it would be more beneficial to make the boat trailer available at the boat dock, or make rescue and large fire boats an expansion to regular fire stations. I will keep an eye on this idea.

    A few of these ideas could be well received however others just seem like they would be taken advantage of in the game, and are not feasible or realistic.

    - Most fire departments that have HazMat trained staff on a ladder truck still require a hazmat unit with specific equipment to respond with them.
    - As far as water rescue boats, I believe there are very few examples of platform trucks having boats. Most do not have the storage area. Though the crew may have swift water rescue equipment that does not always include a boat especially on apparatus that are not dedicated to water rescues.

    I am not able to comment on the second part of the update, however it will likely not be released until Part 1 is perfected or at least on the right track regarding bugs; and when we are sure we won't run into the same bugs and issues that came with Part 1.

    We have already addressed the issue of some of the new vehicles only appearing at the EMS stations. It is a work in progress and we are not sure what is possible at this time.

    This is NOT a bug. Currently the ALS training is ONLY for the Fire Engine/Ambulance combo. Though this is not the full intention of this training. However, it is not known if it will be possible to make the ALS training function the way we have intended it to, and whether or not the developers will adopt the idea of having ALS treatment personnel onboard standard fire apparatus.

    Alright, So essentially you are referring to a EMT-P (Paramedic) training, instead of ALS ambulances just being available without requiring training? Advanced Care Paramedic isn't a certification i'm familiar with in the US.